A very cool tidbit about Kobe not opting out.

L.A. Times: Today was the last possible day for Bryant to become a free agent, but the 13-year veteran did not do so because he wanted to “let Lamar [Odom] and Trevor [Ariza] have their day,” according to the source, who wasn’t authorized by Bryant to speak publicly about the decision.

  • Sako

    i dont get it, somebody paraphrase

  • willow

    I hope this sheds that “selfish” monicker he’s been given by a lot of the media and Bill “laker hater” Simmons. This proves that he’s willing to sacrifice money that he well deserves, I don’t care if he’s already made a bazillion dollars, he still deserves to get paid for what he’s done for the team. You can never make enough money and after all we live in a capitalist world. So this should put that label to rest.

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    I believe it means he could’ve opted out and possibly resigned or the max; which he isn’t going to do.

  • Dave

    ‘Opt out’ means he had the contractual option to cancel the last part of his agreement and renegotiate. If he did that, he would then get a huge raise, and that would leave less money for Lamar and Trevor.

  • Drake Hunter

    He could have opted out and taken less when he resigned which would have made it much easier to resign Odom and Ariza but it’s still all good!!!!

  • sketch

    Hey Willow, That’s wishful thinking! All of us Lakers and Kobe fans would love to see the end to that “selfish” moniker as you’ve put it, but we all know that the HATERS will continue to HATE, no matter how much good Kobe does!

    What Kobe did or “not” do (opting out), was a very loud and clear message by Kobe that he wants LO and Ariza to be resigned! Way to go Kobe! Way to lead your team! Com’on Buss and Mitch get this deal done! Hey, if Kobe’s willing to take less, maybe LO and Ariza will take less also!

  • BringDFishBack

    Haha, oh Kobe always trying to look good. He makes more money by not opting out than he could have if he did opt out. If he really wanted to help retain Odom and Ariza he would have done what Duncan did and opted out and signed for less. He’s already filthy rich, so he doesn’t really need the money. Now I’m not saying he should be expected to do that, but please, do not try and make it sound like you’re being all nice.

  • Dwight Howard

    Kobe is still selfish. He should have opted out and the Lakers should have offered him less money to come back.

    …Just wishful thinking on my end…

    I want Odom and Ariza on my team…not Vince.

  • domz

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    Give Kobe a break. You would also not give up what’s already yours i.e. his contract. Just wait and see him getting an extension for LESS money. Watch.

  • FreakinCrod

    “He makes more money by not opting out than he could have if he did opt out. If he really wanted to help retain Odom and Ariza he would have done what Duncan did and opted out and signed for less.”


  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I understand its a business decision but what would be a negative of opting out and backloading a deal? i.e take a 2-3 mill paycut years 1-3 and getting a 3-4 mill bump in years 4-5. This way his contract would have been bigger but still leave money to resign the others.

  • lakeshowfan

    well, that also meant that he didn’t want a paycut. something he could’ve done if he seriously wanted both players back (and maybe brown also who was selected one pick ahead of farmar and played well for the lakers in spot minutes)

  • Mr. WoodCock

    How does this help the Lakers payroll? No matter what, the Lakers are still over the luxury tax. How does this help the Lakers sign LO and Ariza when they are greedy as hell. Everyone is looking to get paid in this horrible economy.

    It’s a buyers market and we don’t need to overpay these guys. I see a lot of clubs being very conservative. There are plenty of good veteran free agents that are willing to take less $$$ to play for a contender. The Lakers payroll is already at $77m. We have the second highest payroll, NO is at $78m. Last year we were at around the lower $80’s.

    I don’t want to see the payroll balloon up to the $100m+ range. Bynum’s contract really killed us this year. The fact that everyone else got a raise doesn’t help either. Is there any way we get rid of some scubs or garbage contracts (Vujabrick)?


  • Mr. WoodCock
  • Very Interesting


    …Agent David Bauman said Tuesday afternoon that the Lakers, Cleveland Cavs and Orlando Magic were three teams he expected to join Houston in pursuit of Artest. “Ron’s tight with Kobe,” Bauman said. “From a basketball perspective, the Lakers make perfect sense. Ron is a winner. His best fit is when he’s on a winning team. He shoots the three, posts up smaller guys, and defensively he’s a beast. Certainly those are skills a contending team would find attractive.”


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    Exactly. This is a farce that Kobe helped out to sign the other FA’s. Kobe could have gotten money on the back end plus Buss has always rewarded his superstars, but Kobe won’t ever trust Buss which is sad because Buss is a good owner.

  • Rope-a-dope

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    Not always. Mitch said on the radio a couple of weeks ago that they can’t do that with Kobe’s contract.

  • David

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    Bullsh*t. Kobe is all about money. Back in 1998, he was one of the few players that wasn’t against a maximum salary. He could have opted out and taken less but Kobe’s priorities are money>>>>>>>winning. And then he has the audacity to say that he won’t opt out so the Lakers can focus on ariza and odom.

  • LakersFirst

    It will depend on how much Kobe’s extension will be. Will Kobe demand the maximum extensions or will be pull a Tim Duncan and sign an extension for less than the maximum?

  • LAL4Life

    He should have opted out and taken less money so that we could keep them for sure.

  • BringDFishBack

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    What are you talking about? He can sign anywhere in between the league maximum (where he’s at now) and league minimum. Guess what that means? No where to go but lower.

    And for everyone that said to just put more money on the back end of a deal, that doesn’t work for 2 reasons. First, it’s not even possible as the league has a max % that it can raise each year and he’s already on that, so they couldn’t scale it more than it is. Second, then it screws them up for the future which is what they are seeing now with Pau and Kobe both near the end of their deals and getting paid way more than the average of their contracts.

  • BringDFishBack

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    It doesn’t matter if 28 clubs are being conservative, all the Lakers need is 1 other team to go after Ariza and/or Odom and it’s not a buyers market as you put it. Sure a lot of teams are being conservative, but there are also a lot looking to spend.

    As for trading a bad contract, all trades have to be relatively equal in salary (125% + $100,000), so if they trade a bad contract they’ll have to get one in return. The only case that isn’t true is if the team getting the bad contract is under the cap, which means then could then take on a larger contract and give up a smaller one. Lets use Sasha for example, he’s making $5 mil next season. So, if the Lakers were to trade him to any team over the cap (most teams are), they would have to take on a contract of about equal value, so they wouldn’t be able to shed any salary. They could find a team under the cap, but at the start of free agency pretty much no team is going to trade for a bad contract unless they’re getting something else of value in addition.

  • skew

    i would do the same if i was in kobe’s shoes. and you guys know you would too so dont hate. why should i take less when im the best? these two losers should take less to play with me. all of sudden odom and ariza wants big money? who’s really the greedy ones here? its not kobe. kobe is simply the smart one. i say ship both their asses out and get ron artest. done deal. lakers 2010 champs!!!

  • LakersFirst

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    “why should i take less when im the best? these two losers should take less to play with me.”

    To answer this question…because Kobe didn’t win the championship by himself (he needed the help of both Ariza and LO). that’s why.

    And to “say ship their asses out”…You sound like Kobe a few years ago and thank God Mitch didn’t listen.

    To say the Lakers can get Artest is where you aren’t thinking. Artest made $7.5M last year. The only way he can come here is if he’s willing to take a paycut. I think Ron is looking for a bigger payday.

  • skew

    it goes both ways. they wouldnt have won without kobe. but its not about kobe, it was ariza and lamar who said they want to remain lakers. i just want to see them put their money where their mouth is and stick to their words. imo, they need kobe more than kobe needs them. so lets see what mitch has up his sleeves this summer.

  • http://thelakernation edgar r

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  • LMAO

    exactly as SKETCH said… no matter what good thing KB24 do, he will still get criticized…

    It’s already good for him not to opt out and resigned with more money cuz he can accept hes current pay for Lakers to be able to resign LO and ariza tho KB24 can get more for a player of his caliber… isn’t that good enough???

    but for some guys… NO NO NO it’s not enough… it’s never enough… I bet if somehow he accept lower salary than his current… ppl will still say.. it’s still not enough.. he should’ve taken even less…


  • http://SDS david