Kobe is in Spain right now. He ran into Pau and they had a “talk.” Rumor is he’s convincing Pau to come to the Lakers!

Has Kobe come to convince Gasol?

Kobe, who is spending a few days kicking back in Barca, ran into Pau at the gym in the Juan Carlos hotel, where they had a conversation.

Kobe has demanded quality upgrades in order to stay with the Lakers, and Gasol has kept the exit door open in Memphis.

“I ran into Kobe by chance; and he told me his things, and I told him mine. I’m also not going to tell you everything we talked about.”

  • SILO

    If there is anyway to acquire him without giving up LO then maybe. Im not to high on Gasol as im on JO because of his not so physical play. We need a player to punish the paint and install fear into those who drive into the paint.

    He would be a upgrade i just dont think he is the answer to the lakers championship hopes.

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    I’m on it too! I do think he’ll be a good fit on LA, but without Odom on the deal!
    If we’re going to pass LO and Bynum together on a deal, then we need to get back JO or KG!!! No other!!!

    But, if Gasol came and Odom stays… than we’re talking, and then he’ll be welcome!

  • Dan

    Gasol to the Lakers would be AWESOME. This was my favorite trade to begin with, besides Garnett. I don’t like Jermaine too much, low fg%, phantom injuries, center w/o any post up game? I think we have enough trouble with a center who can’t post up (Mr. 50 pump fakes then a brick Kwame Brown)
    Gasol has a great post up game, is a great passer (which is a good fit in the triangle), and lets not say he’s not a great defender, he’s not that bad. He can still rebound and block a shot here and there. Plus he costs a lot less than JO and it would take a lot less to get him here. COME ON GASOL!!!!!!!!!!! I think this story brightened up by day.

  • KingKobe

    Gasols upside isn’t as high as O’Neal because of the defense, but it’s pretty damn close. He’s younger, cheaper, AND I’d think it wouldn’t take as much to get him (I.E. Odom AND Bynum). So if the Pacers keep playing hardball, screw them let’s get Pau!

  • http://www.milehighramblings.blogspot.com/ the butler

    On behalf of the Memphis Grizzlies, I offer Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, and your #19 pick in the 2007 Draft.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    we dont have to trade LO…if we get Pau that means we can trade
    Bynum, Cook, 19th pick—–> Gasol
    Kwame———————-> Artest
    Sign Mo Williams or steve blake to MLE

    MoWillams or Blake/Farmar
    Kobe/Mo Evans/Sasha
    Lamar/Ronny/draft pick
    Pau Gasol/Mihm/draft pick

    ^ right thurr thats a championship contender….

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    woops i meant Bynum,Cook,Vlade and 19th pick for Gasol….

    MoWillams or Blake/Farmar
    Kobe/Mo Evans/Sasha
    Lamar/Ronny/draft pick
    Pau Gasol/Mihm/draft pick

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    [quote comment=”1574″]On behalf of the Memphis Grizzlies, I offer Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, and your #19 pick in the 2007 Draft.[/quote]
    That comment made my day. :)

  • J Rob

    I think you guys are homering it up a bit.

    If the Pacers are demanding LO, Kwame, Bynum, and the 19th to get JO and take on one of their bad contracts, it will take both LO and AB to get Gasol.

    If we can keep Kwame and the pick, I’d be ok with losing LO and AB because Gasol would be better for the Lakers than JO anyway.

    Gasol shoots 10% better from the field, blocks almost as many shots, grabs more rebounds, passes well, and doesn’t get hurt as much.

  • SILO

    [quote comment=”1577″][quote comment=”1574″]On behalf of the Memphis Grizzlies, I offer Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, and your #19 pick in the 2007 Draft.[/quote]
    That comment made my day. :)[/quote]

    um, i wouldnt trade jordan farmar. he has too much potential in him and he really progressed in his rookie season.

  • http://nba.com MO6

    I think Pau is better than JO i think JO is a little overrated. What about getting Amare or Yao

  • lakerfan81

    [quote post=”276″] think Pau is better than JO i think JO is a little overrated. What about getting Amare or Yao[/quote]
    What the hell are you thinking. The suns would not trade amare unless they were getting Garnett (and then thats iffy) and Houston wuoldnt trade yao unless they got Duncan. Might as well ask for Camello anthony and Gilbert arenas. there you go start arenas, anthony, and kobe youd have to have three balls on the court.

  • lakerfan81

    I thik O’neal is a better fit than Gasol because he is a better defensive player, though pau does have a better post up game.


    i wouldnt trade jordan farmar..in a package for gasol…i’m willing to get either one of them i dont care just get someone who will change our team around…..Sign Steve Blake!!! i kinda like this guy is pretty good and for the MLE…why not


    This is what I’m talking about.. I’ve been saying Gasol for a long time, now. The guy is humble, and does his thing. Like someone mentioned a good passer, which works! with Walton, another good passer, and if we keep Odom in this deal.. watch out! JO is overrated in my opinion. He’s not great, and he’s not great in the East that is. He got good in the East, and we wanna bring him back in the West?? Gets injured and complains..not to mention what he did in Detroit. No thanx..
    Of course I woul prefer Garnett. Anyone know why he won’t speak?? He wants out, we know he wants out, all he has to say is voice his opinion and put some pressure on the “not so know it all” front office. Besides, what the hell are they holding on him for? If not Kobe, who would Garnett team up with after next summer? Come on Kevin! We need you and you will get a ring with Kobe! DO IT! DO IT!

  • Cooleo24

    we need kobe to do more of this…

  • http://konobe24 demarcos hardwell24

    hahahahaha hell know he’s too skinny.he aint even gone be fear at least.i rather have jermaine oneal or kevin garnett

  • LA-KB24

    better fit than JO …. He is younger and will work well with Odom and KB… i like this talk

  • Ricky

    okay, first of all, this website is called getgarnett. the focus of this site is to accumulate support towards the acquisition of kevin garnett. however, we all realize now that it is not going to happen. so we switch our attention to the next best thing, jermaine o’neal. I agree with most people that jermaine o’neal would be a great acquisition, but if the pacers insist on both odom and bynum, then i say forget it. i will only consider a deal with the pacers is if they lower their demand for jermaine o’neal. now, we fans find out that gasol is in the same predicament as kobe is in and also wants out if there is no improvement to his team. i feel that unless the pacers lower their demand for o’neal, then i think the lakers should really look to trade for pau gasol. also, the lakers need to keep odom by all means necessary.

    possible trade scenarios for lakers

    – bynum, radmanovic, and cook for gasol
    – kwame, radmanovic, and 19th pick for gasol
    – kwame and 19th pick for artest
    – kwame and filler for artest

    just imagine this roster

    c- gasol, mihm
    f- odom, turiaf
    f- artest, walton
    g- kobe, evans, vujacic
    g- farmar, use mle to sign another pg

  • magic32

    take this off gasol said hes staying with memphis in an interview like 1 month ago

  • punkjones

    Maybe he’s changing his mind. He was backtracking when he said he was staying (only a couple weeks ago actually) because earlier this year he said he wanted OUT! He said he would now CONSIDER staying, but he wanted to see improvement in the roster. They can’t build a contender right now in Memphis. New ownership coming up, no more Jerry West, no No.1 pick after all and they don’t look so hot. Playing on the Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant? Now that ain’t shabby.

    I like Gasol better than JO. I think he’s a more aggressive and dynamic offensive player. Not quite as happening on D, but a pretty good shot blocker. He’s got a lot of tough attitude, not a typical Euro softy. I was certainly hoping that the Lakers might at least try to make a play for him.

    Ultimately I don’t really care who the Lakers get between those two guys – just so long as they get someone. They have to or they will lose Kobe. Do you really think he’ll stay if they don’t acquire some serious talent? Lamar is going to have to go. In fact I would try to trade Lamar straight up for Gasol. Their salaries are almost equal and Gasol is a major upgrade. Gasol with Kwame and Bynum backing up is a strong front line. Or if you can possibly trade Bynum or someone else for Artest that is a really daunting lineup. Pick up a decent point with the MLE and call it a day. That lineup can compete with the best of ‘em.

  • http://www.myspace.com/stevesspace TheEclectic

    Maybe Gasol is convincing Kobe to come to Memphis…

  • kb24needsJO

    Lol probably Gasol was like i want to go to a championship team cuz both LAKERS AND MEMPHIS are horrible just wait lakers aint going to get anyone and Kobe is out next year

  • Kim

    Gasol would be better in the triangle offense with kobe and Odom than JO would….

    Gasol also has a much higher FG.
    Grabs more rebounds.
    Underrated defender.
    better passer.
    petter shooter.

  • Big D

    Here is the list of what to do in the off-season:
    1) Don’t let Kobe go anywhere, or ever think about going anywhere ever again
    2) Keep Lamar Odom
    3) Jermaine O’neal seems like he would be too much of a bust, hes expensive, throughout his career seems injury prone, and low fg%, get Pau Gasol, he would fit with Kobe, he does his job and with Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol as our big men, we could be like Cleveland, don’t block shots, take charges…..yeah right…..
    4) Get a distributing PG
    5) Enjoy another season of watching Kobe be the new and IMPROVED Kobe Bryant

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    jus trade jim buss for shaq