Kobe can see himself playing basketball for a lot more years…

L.A. Times: Bryant also explained why he let O’Neal, 36, take the MVP trophy.

“You don’t know how many years he’s going to be playing,” he said. “I’ve still got another six, seven, eight years to go. I felt it was the right thing to do.”

  • L.A.

    Kobe will probably played next 8 years. And he will win 2 or 3 more ring.

  • Eidraq

    that would be great to see him continue to play for that long

  • Retrospect


  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe don’t need the trophy….as long as that achievement is recorded in the history books, the trophy don’t matter. Besides, that was probably Shaq’s last All-Star game.

  • LAKing

    May Kobe have the strength to play at least 10 more years.

  • sketch

    Guess who ain’t comin back to the Lakers soon? LOL!

    That’s Kobe’s way of saying “Yo Shaq, that’s the last hardware that you’ll be sharin with me!”

  • myriam

    Nice gesture from KOBE. Thta’s what i have in my mind when KOBE
    let Shaq bring home the trophy. Even Shaq himself said that this year might be his last year to play for the ALL STAR GAME. Congratulation KOBE

  • Diehardfan

    As much as we all love Kobe we all know that the “old” kobe would not of done that. Go Lakers

  • vibe

    Only 6-8 years lol ??

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

    “I felt it was the right thing to do.”

    Ok, I really am BK, ok? (:

    Verve! :cool: