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With only one minute to go in the game, all-star Pau Gasol had one made basket.

He would get a lay-up when the game was already out of reach, but his final stat line was nothing to be happy about.

In 38 minutes of action Gasol finished with eight points, just 2-9 from the field, and six rebounds.

Other then Chris Paul’s superb play, Gasol was one of the big reasons the Lakers were not successful in game 1.

It’s up to me to get myself going, be more aggressive, get myself into rhythm,” Gasol said.

A reporter asked if Odom also needed to hike his scoring, and Bryant made clear that wasn’t the problem.

Pau is our guy,” he said. “He’s next in line and gets the responsibility that comes with it

He’s not naturally aggressive,” Bryant said. “Even if I’m tired, I’m naturally aggressive. You just have to rev him up a little bit, get him going.”

Gasol gets a chance at redemption, Wednesday at 7:30pm PST.

  • Anonymous

    Comprende amigo

  • kenny

    The title of this article needs to be changed….severely misleading

  • Jack Yang

    The title makes it sounds like there’s tension between Kobe and Gasol.

  • chloe

    they must change the title of this article, it can easily misunderstood by many.

    • Sschevy6

      ya, i hope they dont get their methods from yahoo…

  • ATLakers

    “You just have to rev him up a little bit, get him going.”

    Sounds like Pau needs some … Gasoline.

  • Touch Me

    Kobe calling out Gasol is calling out a teddy bear. He will always be soft

  • 123KID

    i wouldnt mind kobe gettin on the skin of the rest of the guys. i mean if he has to light some fire into matt barnes, artest, LO, and Shannon, then so be it. I mean it seems like other teams just have that fire to want the nba championship and the lakers just seem to feel like they deserve it. Even us fans seem like we deserve it rather than like we actually want it (i.e. clear example OKC fans cheering their @$$es off, while us laker fans are just checkin our iphones at staples).

    • Cecil

      Unfortunately you are right on especially about the LA Fans. Also lots of luck with your marriage lamar. I woonder where his friend would be without lamars money. Once again Lamrs head is not totally there.

  • Los Lakers

    guys relax lakers will win this series…

  • kileer7

    Hopefully Kobe will continue to shoot at 50% while Bynum and Artest continue to remain strong defensive presences. When the Lakers run actions to establish Pau on strong side block its a wrap for New Orleans.

    • LakersThe2010Champs

      Gasol will be fine. He was not effective and shots were not falling on Sunday, so he deferred to his teammates. I think that’s fine. He needs to play better D, no doubt about it.

      What’s worse is you know that your shots are not falling, but you just keep on shooting. Then you really shoot your team out of the game. Kobe does that often.

      • PB2000

        As the second option in the team behind Kobe Bryant, it is his responsibility to attack the basket when his shots are not falling! I love Pau but sometimes he irritates me with his passiveness and lack of aggression if I might say… (Also, is it me or does Pau complain about everything…It is so ANNOYING watching him gesturing about fouls, his mistakes, bad passes, and everything else.) Still love him but he is annoying! Only Kings Have Rings(Kobe gets his 6th this year). Let’s GO LA!

  • Ramona Ramirez

    Pau is like a matador he will use his cape at the end to hide his strength, he will pull thru don’t worry.

  • Ramona Ramirez

    Pau is like a matador he will use his cape at the end to hide his strength, he will pull thru don’t worry.

  • Jasongodina

    I’m a life-long Lakers fan up always sitting in the nose bleeds seats.
    I’m sick of all the people sitting on the floor thinking they’re so cool
    Cause they’re at the game stand up and do something