An article on Kobe’s fatigue. So close, so tired… but this is what it’s about, right?

lowsL.A. Times: As Pau Gasol lay sprawled on his belly in a cramped and jeering gym late Tuesday, gasping, sweating, needing a hand, a teammate walked past.

Kobe Bryant never even slowed down.

He wouldn’t pick him up. He couldn’t pick him up. He couldn’t pick any of them up.

The Laker who can run through walls has suddenly hit one, hard, and an entire team has been left with a bloody nose and splitting headache.

The Lakers gave away an NBA Finals game they could have stolen Tuesday, losing to the Orlando Magic, 108-104, as painfully as Bryant was losing his breath.

The Lakers endured swish after swish against what became the hottest-shooting team in NBA Finals history, yet still tied it up in the final three minutes.

Then Bryant gasped.

The Lakers still had a chance in the final minute, trailing by a basket with their best player dribbling the ball.

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  • Ryan Eusebio

    im not worried, he was just tired thats all.

  • lakers1fan

    Well I’m not worried either, BUT this does cause a little concern. I noticed it last night too that Kobe looked out of it since the begining on the game. At times I asked is Kobe in or out? and in the 4th quarter I thought he was in when they were down, it didn’t make a difference. But anyways, I know Kobe will bounce back in the next coming games. I know now is not the time to talk about trades but I will say this…Lakers need “consistant” players and hope they dont re-sign LO, trade Luke, Sasha, farmar and Bynum, well that’s a lost case for the meantime. LO plays hard and smart when he feels like it and that has always hurt the Lakers since 2004. Time to get real players with heart, passion, consistancy.

  • ClipperRon

    Thats why the lakers suck and im glad he didnt sign with my team. History will repeat it self the just like last year kobe will gas out and you guys will lose go magicks!!!!!!

  • gugy

    yeah, no big deal. Nothing like a day’s rest won’t cure. The guy is a top athlete. he will be fine.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    i hate sport writers that really don’t think much..seriously. they are the same guys that say “lakers in 6 or 7″ and yet when we lose a game because of a few missed opportunities they analyze every detail and blow it out of proportion.
    ok- so he got tired? big deal? he is the GOAT but he is also human. and we win next game and he scored 40- he is the best thing to walk earth again….
    to make it interesting- we lose next game and win games 5 & 6.. we still win the title right?
    i believe in this guy no matter WHAT!!!!!!!i believe in this team.

    just be happy that lee missed that shot at the end of game two or the series would be 2-1 for the other team.. and even then it would not matter..because we will win the championship this year..
    and all the writers that write crap- just to write us all a favor- think 1st….

  • 123kid

    [Comment ID #75323 Will Be Quoted Here]

    looks whose talking! for a team who has several all-star caliber players and missed the playoffs and one of the worse records in the nba, gtfo! come in here when the clippers actually have banners on the wall, and i mean championship banners and not banners that show how many times the clippers have gone to the nba lottery.

  • J

    NBA Finals Game 4:
    1987 – Magic Johnson Junior’s junior skyhook.
    2000 – Kobe Bryant scores 8 points in overtime after Shaq fouled out.
    2009 – Find out tomorrow.

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    Jun 11th, 2009 at 3:19 am
    NBA Finals Game 4:
    1987 – Magic Johnson Junior’s junior skyhook.
    2000 – Kobe Bryant scores 8 points in overtime after Shaq fouled out.
    2009 – Find out tomorrow.

    Nice it will be an Epic game I can’t wait!