Mamba will be making several appearances this week and it starts tonight when he presents at MTV’s Video Music Awards. On Monday, he’ll be appearing on Oprah with Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin, along with approximately 150 other U.S. Olympic team members. The following day, he’ll appear as a guest in the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Check your local listings.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Im probably gonna miss it. Is TLN going to post up the videos afterwards???

  • The Nugget

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    We might, if we find them on YouTube. :)

  • Michael_23

    I guess the pinky thing is gonna be put on hold for a couple of days.

  • vida8

    Triple header !

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Yea, it’s probably gonna be next week, after all these TV appearances are done

  • Brandon Hoffman

    Is Bryant on Kimmel Tuesday or Thursday? I’ve read two different reports…

  • kb24 4life

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    tuesday sept 9.. but hey.. in LA at what time does the jimmy kimmel show starts??

  • KuyaJL

    Did you guys see him at the VMA’s? He was dancing to Get Money when Lil Wayne and T-Pain were performing hahaha


    I think Kobe didn’t play all that great at the Olympics. I saw him throw up a bunch of shots that didn’t even come close to going in. Maybe too much pressure for him….or maybe not….I did also see everyone else step down when crunch time came in the gold medal round but Kobe was the one that stepped up and drove in the dagger in the spaniards hearts.

    So I guess he makes them when it matters….I’ll just sit down and shut up now.

  • u.u

    I’m tired of only Kobe stuff. Anyone remembers Gasol?

  • The Nugget

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  • Gasolwho?

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  • Priceless

    its monday… whens the surgery????

  • Gasol Fan

    Gasol was yesterday in a interesting interview where he says his main objective is the NBA Ring, and for achieve this he won´t play in Eurobasket. But Gasol isn´t Kobe, so who cares?

    Gasol should leave Lakers and go to another team where fans respect him.

  • jki

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    hell yeah, the main obj is the nba ring…some players just talk like it is not important… see u talkin about him leaving the lakers.. on feb 1st that was not the main headline, how funny things change…. neways i respect gasol n i am a huge laker fan