ESPN: With Spike Lee’s documentary on Kobe Bryant being shown during the Tribeca Film Fest, we thought we’d look at the top ten moments that have defined Kobe’s basketball career. Again … his basketball career.

10. April 30, 2006: Game 4 vs. Phoenix. The “More than Just ‘The Shot'” Game.

Down by five with 7 seconds left in regulation, his layup at the first buzzer caused an overtime. Then 5 minutes later … he hit one of the most demoralizing shots in NBA history. The Suns never — even today — really recovered from that down-by-one, top-of-the-circle, pull-up dagger at the buzzer in overtime that Kobe canceled them with. He put the Lakers up 3-1 in that series, eliminating all hopes of a title for Phoenix. Then and now …

9. January 22, 2006: “81.”

We know Wilt scored 100, but Kobe came only 19 points shy on 17 fewer field goal attempts and 12 fewer free throw attempts, played six fewer minutes and didn’t outsize the people guarding him by 5 inches and almost 45 pounds. This became the “new” standard.

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  • DMCA

    Where’s the buzzer beater on portland for the playoff???

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe had 49 Points and 10 assists, not 10 rebounds, in game 2 against the Nuggets. There they go again trying to make Kobe look like a ball hog.

  • Lakeshow4life

    Umm we went on to lose the series against phoenix..

  • kwame4mvp

    that Phoenix series… Those plays were the biggest plays I have ever seen in sequence. Smush yes Smush Parker making a 3 to bring us within 2. Then the trap on Nash that forced the steal to eventually lead to Kobe’s floater to force overtime. People talk smack about Smush but for the time that he was here, he contributed and didn’t cause too many problems for the team. He can’t be blamed for that era in Lakers history. We had Kwame Brown and Brian Cook as our big men. Enough said.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious

    kobe needs more money..his lambo doesn`t run on air..he needs the high octane gas

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #71033 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yeah, I also don’t really want to be reminded of that series. I can buy him talking about the 2004 finals, because the consequences of that game as he mentioned. But what killed the Suns chances a chip were two-fold. First, Robert Horry!!! Second, trading for Shaq when, at the moment, they were sitting on top of the Western Conference. Wow, how did that trade turn out?

    Anyways, a couple of my favorite Kobe memories not listed:
    – Kobe drops 42 in the first half just to show Jordan what’s up.
    – Kobe completely shuts down A.I. with some amazing D in the finals.
    – Kobe owns T-mac, totally shutting him down for the second half, while scoring like crazy. Culminating of course in a great block on T-mac. Anybody with delusions of T-mac belonging in Kobe’s class got a major wake up call that day.
    – The game where Kobe hit mind boggling fade-away 3’s, one after another, in the clutch to win….I think it was the same game reffered to here…
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  • Kobe8

    that Nuggets game was the best all round performance i’ve seen from Kobe. JR Smith & K-Mart got abused by Kobe that night.

  • purplegoldveins

    kobes career top moment.

    June 2009. lebronze is on kobes nuts, cant stop him. game 7 the unproven lebronze lames also known as the cleveland cavs have no response. lakers claim the tittle, kobe finals mvp. everyones happy.

  • Nabil

    LOL, nice one!

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the gold medal game. Lebronze and co. starting to choke. All the “stars” are wilting under the pressure. Kobe saves the day. Gold medal. Thanks Kobe. :)

  • lainok

    I am lucky in that I am just old enough to remember jordan playing in his prime, and am only a couple years younger than kobe, so I’ve been able to see him grow in the game. If kobe had been in the game the same time jordan was, then jordan would just be viewed the same way we look at dwayne wade. Amazing, top ten all time, but not the best. Kobe takes basketball beyond what any human should be capable of. A lot of people, (though they wouldn’t admit it) don’t want to give that title to him because they just don’t like him as a person. I don’t know the guy. So I’m not going to pass judgment on his character. But I do know what I’ve seen, and I do know the numbers.

    four 50+ pts games in a row? NOT JORDAN
    81 pts in one game? NOT JORDAN
    making smush parker look good if only for one game? NOT JORDAN
    5 finals appearances by the age of 29? ( going on 6!) NOT JORDAN


    Great article. A trip down memory lane right here.

    And WTF come on TLN staff or who ever does it cross out number 10!!!!!!!