9. “No Regard for Human Life” – Reverse dunk against the Knicks at MSG

  • Mike

    Love this one!

  • Kyle

    I stil think this should have been #1

    • whatever

      I think this one should be in the Top 3 at the very least.   Kobe clearly improv it.

      I mean, How Sick is That?!?   The difficulty level is Sky High.

      Imagine him doing that, head to head, against Vince Carter in the 2000 Dunk Contest….Let’s see who wins.

  • Meh

    According to this countdown, Kobe peaked his rookie year in dunks. Number 5 is my personal favorite. 

    • Oldmanflow

      I think the reason they picked that dunk as #1 is because it was his first dunk in the N
      BA, and because he did it over Ben Wallace.

  • CristianoRonaldo

    Number one is such bullshit, it didn’t even count.

  • sek21

    #4 over Landry was sick…

    • whatever

      it even says ‘Emeka Okafor’ in the title of the video.  you Tool.

      if you were a laker fan, you would have seen this on tv already.

      all these outsiders coming in here…..

  • laffsatu

    Can we see one that isn`t borrowed from JORDAN?

    • Anonymous

      We could, but you would never acknowledge it, just go on to the next inane little jab on your list.

    • Anonymous

      Who did Jordan borrow from then?bitter little thing aren’t you?

    • Oldmanflow

      The dunk Jordan is most famous for, the one used for his logo, was BORROWED from Dr. J. And how can you borrow a dunk in game situations. In a dunk contest, yes. In the middle of a game I don’t think any player goes up thinking ” I’m gonna borrow the dunk Jordan did against Dominique in 88 slam dunk contest.” Every guard in the league uses the crossover dribble, can we see one that isn’t borrowed from TIM HARDAWAY?

    • whatever

      why dont you borrow 1 from Jordan and show us on youtube.

      the Clock is Ticking…..

  • KC

    How could the steal vs. Utah windmill finished with the two arm flex be or the and 1 one arm catch lob from B.Shaw vs. Philly be not included…smh…

  • Ycdcbenny

    that’s the MVP dunk!!!!

  • Albert_stboi

    How can i see number 9 ???

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    Where are the rest of the dunks?

  • Regiefrancisco

    UNEDITED, UNCUT! Kobe joins UAAP All Stars vs Smart Gilas in Philippines

  • whatever

    The quality of these vids are so shit.  You guys can do better than that.

  • whatever

    The 2 Handed Dunk, sandwiched by David Robinson and Tim Duncan in the western conference finals, should be in the top 5 at the very least.

  • gloriajames

    look at this sick shirt that bashes Lebron! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150313087047848&set=a.10150313086712848.389543.57649147847&type=1

  • http://twitter.com/LakerNation94 James

    I can put all the top 10 in one video if you want

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  • Joey

    David Brickley I think this is a great list. I can see this being a special feature in kobe’s all time dvd. just started listening to the podcast and loving it. keep up the great work. Joey

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LI3CDD7AXKL5RYGQML2WUUXT3U Butch R.

    There’s no doubt Kobe is better than LeBron no arguement on that!! You better recognize who you dealing with when it comes to hoops boi!!!

  • http://www.smokingengine.com carz

    yeah, Kobe is the best player ever…