True Hoop: Walking to work this morning I couldn’t help but think about Kobe Bryant. We’ve seen some trade action this summer, but the one big domino that has not even come close to falling, it would seem, is that of Mr. Bryant.

And when I got here, I fired up my computer and lo and behold that very same story is headling this here website. ESPN’s Ric Bucher writes what I have heard from multiple sources over the summer: Kobe Bryant is still not happy with the Lakers.

Just understand this, in lieu of Bryant telling you himself: If he was boiling about the Lakers for not jumping at the chance to get Jason Kidd at the trade deadline, he’s now at the stage where the water has evaporated and the bone-dry pot is scorched and rattling, after having a firsthand taste of what playing with Kidd is like at the Team USA minicamp last month.

His directness did not go over well, so now Kobe skirts questions about his Lakers future.

Kidd, by several accounts, was an absolute wonder during the three-day training session in Las Vegas and equally thrilled about playing with Bryant.

“No question,” said someone close to Bryant, “his frustration was made worse by Vegas.”

In these situations, it helps to search history for conventional wisdom. People have been convincing, saying stuff like: “Oh, of course he’ll settle down and come on back to the winningest franchise in NBA history — the team that holds his exclusive rights. Besides, any GM could tell you that you simply never trade a player of that caliber.”

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  • fatty

    Team USA will give Kobe a nice piece of Basketball history.

  • cyrus

    For thousandth time, Kobe ain’t gonna go anywhere. and if we land JO, he will stay with pleasure and the roster of Kobe,JO,LO,Fish and Co. will win many games, more than anybody expects.

    I thought you went to bed Fatty, what happened???

  • BEC

    I can only imagine whats going through Kobes mind, when he thinks about his career when its over.
    I really do hope that Kobe gets a shot at being called the greatest that ever played on the hardwood. Because he hasnt gotten that chance yet, hasnt gotten any opportunity to really lead a team to a title, and make that team to a dynasty that goes down in the history books. No one on this planet wants it more and has worked harder on his game than Kobe Bean Bryant and the Lakers dont seem to get the idea that Kobe is willing to do everything to win and the FO of the Lakers dont seem to even care about winning anymore.
    Its sad really because if Kobe does end up leaving were not just going to lose the best player on the planet, were going to lose something rare these days, a ball player with a combonation of fire, the work ethic, that competitive edge, and desire to TRULY WIN at all cost. Only the greatest of greats have it, Jordan had it, Magic had it,(I remember Chick saying the most competitive guy hes ever seen was Mike and the only other man that had that same fire was Magic) and Kobe has it, and I dont see one person in this league that has that same fire and desire to win like these guys. Thats why they are the greatest of greats. And thats why its a shame if we lose this guy, talent can come again and the Lakers can be on top again, but players like Kobe rarely exist, because Kobe represents what the Los Angeles Lakers are all about and thats WINNING and its sad that our very own FO doesnt have that same passion and desire to win. And it feels like Kobe deserves better and if our FO doesnt come up with a contending team, I for one will be HAPPY IF KOBE LEAVES LA because he really deserves a chance to WIN, hes worked too hard for some a** like Jim and a moron like Mitch to ruin it, hes better off on a team that truly wants to WIN. And hopefully that will be with the Lakers but it doesnt seem like it now.