Kobe uses that fuel… and boy did he burn it.

kparadeFanHouse: Kobe Bryant’s career now seems complete, at least to a degree. He’s got scoring titles, he’s got his “own championship,” and he’s locked his place in history as the “greatest player of his era” (I’m firmly on board with Tim Varner’s notion that he and LeBron James belong in different time zones, if you will.)

And since Mamba got a title sans Diesel, he’s been remarkably enjoyable — and honest — in the public eye. His appearance with Conan O’Brien was excellent and via a sneak peek of his upcoming interview with the Fox Business Network, FanHouse found out that this honesty policy won’t be changing; Kobe’s candid discussion of Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jackson are on tap for this evening.

Bryant’s discussion about the King of Pop wasn’t surprising: he’s previously mentioned that MJ influenced his career, but he emphasized with Fox just how much Jackson’s work ethic influenced him.

“I think that what people don’t know about Michael was the amount of time he put into bringing so much joy to people all over the world,” Bryant said. “I mean, it wasn’t like, you know, he’d wake up one night and think of ‘Billie Jean’ and go in the studio and it’s voila. I mean, he put in a lot of time, man. A lot of sacrifices were made for him to bring so much joy to so many people around the world.”

It seems like somewhat of a cliche, I suppose, but it’s true — and while Bryant might not be bringing “joy” to people “all over the world” he at least made millions of bandwagon Lakers fans happy. But more importantly, at least to me, was Kobe’s response to Fox’s question about how it feels to win a title without The Big Aristotle.

“It wasn’t even whether or not I could win one without him. It’s people saying that I can’t win one without him. And I use that as fuel, as motivation to push me and push me until we eventually won it.”

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    NO WAY! I can’t believe that! Why’s this even a story… so damned obvious!

  • Andrew

  • Thomas

    The sky is blue……grass is green…..oh, my bad i thought we were just naming off obvious things

  • Logicguy


    If they do not resign LO, this will be the last championship Kobe will get. Portland would love to stick it to the Lakers and steal LO. I think the price is likely to go up before it comes down. Maybe the lakers want to pull another Ariza shafting to save money. Season ticket holders should be really pissed if LO gets away when he clearly wants to stay. Show the guy some love and respect. If you can’t afford a champion, sell the damn club.

  • Logicguy

    Who has the higher payroll? Lakers or Clippers. Looks as though these teams have exchanged owners.

  • Coooooooooooooop

    Lame article. Of course everyone knew he wanted to win without shaq. That has been his story since early 2000. Even though kobe doesnt talk about it, he hates shaq a lot just like shaq hates him. Kobe doesnt show it as much cuz he stayed in LA, shaq left and now he has another title and has a great chance to win another.