The Los Angeles Lakers have 28 games remaining in the 2007-2008 season. And for the first time in what seems like decades, the Lakers are 20 games over the .500 mark, and have a legit chance to reach the Promise Land, that Kobe and Phil have longed for.

Saying the Lakers off-season was a circus, is an understatement to say the least. Kobe Bryant went into a trade me, trade me not scene that dominated sports talk shows up until opening night. The turning point of the year might not have been anything to do with the Lakers. It’s when Bulls General Manager, John Paxon, came out and said the Kobe talks were dead, the Los Angeles Lakers then took off like a bottle rocket.

A season so unexpected and so remarkable, that Kobe Bryant deserves to have the best player to never win an MVP monkey off his back.

Kobe Bryant’s remarkable season has been led by his amazing defense. He has made a point this year to guard the other teams best wing player. And he has done an amazing job. Earlier this year in Denver, Allen Iverson was dominating the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil switches Kobe to A.I., and it was over, Iverson was locked down, and the Lakers went on to win the game. Kobe’s defensive intensity has led one of the most improved team defenses of the year. As the Lakers are no longer a team that plays with no fire on the defensive end.

Kobe’s leadership is vastly improved this year. He maintained a calm head about things, and it seems the days of throwing his teammates under the bus are a distant memory. In fact, by throwing his teammates under a bus, he seems to have lit a fire that has not lit in L.A. since they glory days in the early part of this decade.

No doubt, Kobe is a warrior. He always has played if it was humanly possible for him to play. Almost every player in the NBA would be out right now if they had the same injury that is lingering Kobe. What his doing right now, playing with the torn ligament in his right pinky might be considered as an unnecessary risk to some.

However, Kobe knows the Lakers with the recent addition of Pau Gasol have a shot to win the WILD WILD WEST, and push through to the NBA Finals. Besides, Kobe Bryant is the best in the league at playing hurt, as it seems to only elevate his games to new heights.

Kobe’s offense is better then ever. That seems strange to say as it was just over two years ago when Kobe had a 81 point game, and averaged 35 PPG. But Kobe’s trust in his teammates has made the Lakers the most feared team in the Western Conference. His new found trust in his teammates has led to remarkable confidence in the rest of the unit, with the emergence of Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic.

Kobe’s numbers are MVP like again, as he is averaging 28.1 PPG, 5.2 APG, 6.1 RPG, while shooting .461 from the field. Not to mention he is the most clutch basketball player in the game today, if not the best ever. He always takes the big shots, and he usually delivers in a way that only “The Assassin” can.

After witnessing a 41 point outburst against the Phoenix Suns to ruin the debut of “The Big Cactus” there is no doubt in my mind that Kobe Bryant is the MVP of the NBA. Kobe is playing at a level, that no one is at, and to be honest, no one else may even been on the level below him. Kobe is playing that well. Bill Walton even said on ESPN shortly after the game that Kobe is playing the best ball of his career, an MVP like season, and as much as I hate to agree with Bill… he is right.

While Kobe has been shown no respect in MVP voting the last few seasons, as the award has mainly become a popularity contest, there is simply no denying him this year. If Kobe Bryant stays healthy, he should be the MVP, end of story. LeBron James said it best when asked about possibly winning the MVP “How can I when something Kobe Bryant hasn’t even won.”

I think I speak for the entire Lakers Nation when I say, “Well said LeBron, well said.” The time is now for the term valuable to be once again represented in the MVP award.

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  • kb24

    I hope he wins, but it seems like some of these “experts” are on lebrons nuts or KG. I say CP3 has a better chance of winning it than KG.

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  • LakersPride24

    It’s one of the greatest sins in sports history that Kobe hasn’t won an MVP yet. This has to be the year. He is injured and is playing out of this world. So while he most definitely deserves it, I won’t be the least bit surprised when the award goes to Kevin Garnett. The NBA loves the Celtics back on top. I wouldn’t rule out LeBron. The NBA has pretty much made him god, he can do no wrong. He’s a hell of a player, but come on, the NBA needs to quit kissing his ass. He’s not even in the top 5 players in the game. Kobe all the way. MVP, MVP, MVP!

  • keep24

    I think the MVP this year should be shared by Kobe and KG.

    Kobe should be MVP, not just for having an awesome year, or the best EVER ( yes, better than MJ and much much better than LeBron) – but mainly for lighting a fire under managements a$$ to “do something and do it now” .

    KG should get the co=MVP just for not coming here. He did us a huge favor. He thought he was too good for LA. Had he come here, our team would have looked like this: KB, KG and Fish, instead of the 10 man deep monster of a team that we have now.

    Will see you in June KG!

  • Jak

    kobe deserves it, regardless whoever wins. I lost all the respect for MVP last year when Dirk won it. Dirk, are you kidding me??? Ok they won 67 games, but MVP? how forcefully did he win? Just for the fact that he is “supposed to” be the best player in the best team? How insane is that? When truely Mavricks didn’t win games only because of him. Its a everyone involved team. He mostly gets his points from shooting technicals, flagrant foul, and garbage shots in the forth quarter when the team is up by double digits.

    I have no respect for “MVP” of the season until Kobe wins it. Players like Kobe, Lebron, Ginobili, Howard, Stoudmire, Bosh and so many othe players play exceptional basketball all year better than Dirk, and Dirk wins it just because his team mates are better. Kobe played so hard last year: especially during the course when he scored 50s just to have the Lakers in the playoff picture: that’s MVP to me. MVP is for one player, and I think it is because it means most valuable PLAYER, its the player that worked hard enough to earn it. And made the biggest impact on a team to make it to the playoffs. Lakers were in the playoffs because of a huggggggggge hand from Kobe. Not some, you-know-he-can’t-shoot-the-winning-shot-during-playoffs kinda player. And see what happened last year: what a shame?????? MVP couldn’t save the team from losing in the first round? Actually you know what, Dirk during the series against the Warriors averaged almost the same numbers that he did in regular season. Why did they lost? because the team didn’t stepped up. that’s why. It was hilarious the fact that people in Dallas was hoping the MVP would step up. When in fact, he won MVP, just because he shoots free throws and garbage baskets. Lakers didn’t go any further either, I know. But they lost to a second seed team.

    Conclusion, MVP is not really MVP. Its more TIP. Team’s important player. Why even give MVP? MVP should be for the most hard working player. It’s wrong to give it to the best player in the best team. A team is best because of the team. An MVP should earn honors not because of the team, but because of his own personal leadership and hardwork.

    Again, that’s just me. and because I live in Dallas, and love the Lakers to death, I have a strong hate towards Mavs and it help make me take this decision.

    I have no respect for MVP, until the best player in the game, Kobe wins it.

  • gugy

    Kobe must win the MVP.

    If not f•ck the NBA

  • Thomas

    Since Kobe didn’t play enough to win the MVP of the All-Star game, I’m thinking that he will ONLY win the regular season MVP and the Finals MVP award after the Lakers win the championship. Go Lakers!!!

  • Michael_23

    I would like Kobe to get the MVP award this year. But in reality it looks like it might turn out to be:

    1. Cp3
    2. Kobe
    3. Lebron
    4. KG

    It’s very possible that Kobe can become a scoring champion this year again AND become defensive player of the year! Wouldn’t that be awesome! But that might go to Marcus Camby the dude is a BEAST this year on the blocks. Geez.

  • goodfella

    at this point it’s cp3, but the hornets have had a weaker schedule as oppose to the lakers so nba gurus are quick to label cp3 the mvp. at the end of the season it will be the mamba who gets all the props for taking his team to the top two in the west, the west which is the toughest from both conferences, KG won’t win because his got two other all stars and has a weaker conference. come on now, look at the hurting kobe put against the heavily favored suns, and that was without two key laker players in bynum and ariza. i don’t see anybody beating the lakers when it counts if they have a healthy bynum and ariza. are you kidding me? lakers go to the finals, kobe mvp and that’s it.

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  • LakerPower

    Kobe for MVP.

    KG should not be considered anymore, he should be out cause his team went 7-2 without him. And recently 0-2 with him back.

    Kobe for MVP.

  • LA_ALL_DAYak

    Kobe doesn’t care about MVP he wants RINGS. But he should 4sure get one someday if not this year!

  • LakersFirst

    Some people do have an argument when they bring up Chris Paul. He’s had a great year.


    Lakers should pick up Brent Barry. We would get our backup for Vlad Rad, and another 3 point shooter!

  • Jak

    btw, in my above comment, in the very end line, word mistake should have been “unless” instead of “until.”

    aniways, if therez anyone outta there who hate shaq(now) and the suns, I found great clips:


  • KingSako32
  • Brett

    if the media keeps saying ‘best player on the best team’ then kobe better win it this year, because lakers will end up at the end of the year the best team. They have made TOO MANY excuses the last two years for Kobe not to win MVP, so now he’s turning the tables and beating them at their own game. It all doesn’t matter anyways, as long as Lakers win the championship. Then none of this matters…

  • west213

    KOBE DESERVED THE MVP, 2002, 2006, 2007.

    NOW, 2008, 2009, 2010, he will get it for sure.

    GO LAKERS 2008-2010 CHAMPS!!! 3 in a row

  • KB24 RULEZ!!

    Kobe deserve’s to be the mvp this year..

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Just kive Kobe the damn MVP

    Lebron, and CP3 have plenty of years left

  • willow

    This article just gave me chills down my spine and a tear to my eye. It’s an abomination when the “Best Player on the Planet” hasn’t won the MVP award. I think the O’ Brien is more important to Kobe than an MVP trophy…but it would be nice to have that under his belt. DAMN THOSE WRITERS FOR HATIN ON KOBE!!!!

  • lyk13

    Kobe’s MVP award has been WAY overdue…and even if he ONLY wants the Larry O’Brien trophy, the fans want him to have the season MVP trophy just for this once at least. He more than deserves it the past few years including this year…geez!

  • iLakers

    Hell YEAHHH!! KB24 has earned the MVP this year.

    But its too bad all these “analysts” and “writers” feel that CP3, KG and Lebron are all having better years than Kobe.

    It will be one of those other guys that wins it, but it will be a true testament of how much these idiots know when the LAKERS win the championship.

    They’ll feel like the Academy when they robbed Scorcese of all those Oscars…what a shame.

    If KB24 doesn’t win it this year, i don’t think he’ll ever win it, because unless he scores 100 pts in a game, its damn near impossible to show the “experts” just how valuable Kobe is to the Lakers.

  • DingleBerry

    if you think about it, it kinda defeats the purpose of singling a player out and giving him an individual award for a team game. all that should matter is winning the ship.

  • LA fan in Manila

    Kobe has it all. He should get it this year. It’s not easy to play the game when you’re hurt, but he’s showing it to the world that he is at best when he’s hurt – a showing of a great player who wants to win NOW. Truly an MVP….And when the finals come, Kobe will still be winning the finals MVP.


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    Kupchak refused to trade Bynum for Kidd. I don’t think Kobe gets the credit for the big turnaround. He has to share it. Fish has been a leader for the lakers too. Bynum worked his tail off. Kupchak got Trevor Ariza and Gasol. Buss didn’t trade Kobe like he wanted. Farmer is playing valuable minutes. Kobe even said he is glad he is not the GM. Kobe is smart to do what he does best. Play basketball.

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  • rasarx

    Kobe of this season is the most mature Kobe ever. He makes everyone around him better, he has bagged his huge ego and made it work for him, he acts like a leader, and he’s doing incredible things on the court. He’s doing it all which is why he’s one of the best MVPs ever if he wins it. The hole league knows it. Players admit it. Even former enemies and detractors talk admiringly of him and show him respect at a different level than in the past. There is no way in my mind that he won’t win it this year unless an injury sidelines him. Mark my words. Championship or not, Kobe has got it this year. He has reached his Jordandom (can we make that a word?) even though he doesn’t have as many rings.

    I also can’t help make this funny observation: Shaq gets an ingrown hair and he goes on a 3 month injury leave. The team asks him to operate on his arthritic toe in the off season and he postpones it until the start of the season with the logic “I got hurt on the job I’m going to operate on the job”.

    In contrast, Kobe’s fingers start falling off and the team can’t keep him off the court. They beg him to operate and he puts career on the line by refusing. A complete role reversal. You can’t be any more selfless. During summer when he blew up and demanded a trade, I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I got pissed at him even though I was far more pissed at the front office’s incompetency. But by now Kobe has more than redeemed himself in my eyes, and so has the front office.


    The Front Office has shown that it was building a Contender all along and Kobe is very grateful to them.

  • BEC

    The way the west is looking we have a really really good shot at a one seed, looking at the hornets schedule its a lot tougher than ours, the lakers have a fairly easier second half. Since team record is huge in mvp voting, Kobe looks like he has an advantage over Paul, plus hes a flat out better player. Bostons feeling the heat from the west so their record is likely going to be similar to ours, so i dont see KG being a lock at mvp like it looked eariler in the season. The way things are going it really does look like Kobes going to get his first MVP.

    But to be honest, I really really hope he DOES NOT GET THE MVP. I really hope KG and Paul get it, because I want a fired up Kobe in the playoffs. I want Kobe to have that extra fire to demolish the best teams in the NBA, because when its all said and done the real MVP of league led his team to a title. NBATITLE>>>>>>>>>>>>>LEAGUEMVP

  • kenny

    i think Lebron will win the mvp
    Nobody is happy with kobe whatever he does

  • king.manu

    damn that shows greatness. good point lebron…he is right…


    3 titles
    10 all star starts
    youngest to 20,000
    2 all-star mvp
    5 time all-nba first team
    5 time all-nba defensive first team
    81 points
    2006 2832 points 7th all time
    2006 35.4 ppg 9th all time
    Scoring leader in 05-06 and 06-07
    21 50+ games
    89 40+ games
    4 60+ games (62,81,65,60)
    7 55+ games
    most 3s in 1 game with 12
    slam dunk champion
    and fiba gold madalist

  • awesomerob24


    MVP 4 LIFE

  • KB24LIFE

    I truely want Kobe to reecieve the MVP award because he damn derserves it playing while hurt(righthandpinky). Having the best record in his team division 42-18 as of now and the Lakers hit 40 before 20 loses. Ever since Gasol came to the Lakers Kobe stepped it up and helped his team to win games when it counts. Now that Kobe finally has a good supporting cast along when Bynum returns I see a 55+ games or better yet Lakers going all the way to the Finals and seeing Kobe with his 4 ring, final mvp, and yes Leagues MVP!!!!