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Once the season starts players get paid on the 1st and 15th of each month.

NBA players missed their first paycheck on Tuesday. For example, Kobe Bryant missed what would have been a $1.9 million dollar check.

As the lockout continues, paychecks will continue to be missed.

However, according to Forbes, Bryant will be doing just fine with his off the court endorsements.

Bryant pulls in $28 million annually from deals with Nike, Smart Car, Panini and others. Nike took advantage of the lockout by sending Bryant on a tour of Europe this fall to visit Athens, Istanbul and Milan where he was a part of Nike store openings and basketball clinics.

Bryant is second to only LeBron James in off the court endorsements. James makes $33 million through partnerships with Nike, Coca-Cola, McDoanlds, State Farm, and Upper Deck.

Bryant has the most to lose if there is no season at all. He is the NBA’s highest paid player as he was set to earn $25.2 million.

  • Pau Gasoft

    Would “of” ??…..  o_0

  • Reyk575

    Great job Kobe and sponsors way to look out for your investment. Hope more athletes have a chance to make money this year or you will have to make use of that hard earned degree and make some cash!!

  • laffatu

    talk about stealing money