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Lately the Lakers have been lethargic, careless, and they resemble a D-League team playing in the NBA. Throwing away games in the fourth quarter that should have been wins, and having their veteran power forward throw a tantrum after one such loss.  The Lakers aren’t winning anything this season as I wrote about in my last article on why the team should tank.  Even when Kobe Bryant returns (which, according to Kevin Ding, could be up to another month) the team won’t be contending for even an eighth seed in the playoffs.

So, this begs the question:  Should Kobe Bryant sit out the rest of the season?

We all saw Bryant return rather quickly from his torn Achilles tendon, only to subsequently suffer a fracture in his left knee to his lateral tibial plateau; keeping him on the pine for the foreseeable future.  If Ding’s timeline is correct, which can be seen here, Bryant will return roughly after the All-Star break should he be unable to participate in it.  That’s mid-February folks, and if he’s at the losing end of that timetable it could be as late as March.

That’s about one month of basketball until playoffs begin, which, again, the Lakers aren’t making.  Do the Lakers want their veteran leader to play for a month, risk injury, and still not have anything to show for it at the season’s end? Probably not, but I don’t run the organization, nor do I have any influence on Bryant’s decision and drive to play basketball.  In the end, it’s completely up to him once he’s healthy enough to play, and his decision is final.

So, I’ll open the floor up to you guys, do you think he should sit the rest of the season?

Should Kobe Bryant sit out the rest of this season?

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  • JWorthy42

    It all depends on how the Lakers want to retool. If they’re going to do this through the draft then absolutely he should sit out. If they want to retool via free agents, then no doubt Kobe has to come back and play a few games. This is the only way other FAs will want to come to LA and win a championship. Kobe’s health is a huge determining factor in whether any retool can be worth championship contention.