World, rejoice! After about a year of back and fourth talks, Kobe and the Lakers have signed a contract extension. The Black Mamba is inked for another 3 years. reports…

Lakers: The Los Angeles Lakers have signed guard Kobe Bryant to a three-year contract extension, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

“We are extremely pleased that we were able to reach an agreement and come to terms on the extension at this time,” said Kupchak. “Kobe has been a cornerstone of the Lakers for well over a decade, helping to lead us to four NBA Championships and in the process developing into one of the greatest players in basketball history.”

“Two of our main goals heading into this season were to sign Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol to contract extensions,” continued Kupchak. “With the signing of Pau earlier this season and the signing of Kobe today, we were able to accomplish those goals, helping to keep the core of this team intact for the foreseeable future and in turn help to ensure the franchise’s continued success over the years to come.”

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  • Kam Pashai

    Looks like he won't be going to play for Greece afterall!

  • lakers2000

    This is great news! Now, let's get the championship!!!!!

  • dEDGE

    A great sign that even Kobe feels he's got the best chance to win multiple championships right here in LA. Hopefully this will have the right ripple effect in a positive way for the rest of the team.

  • pau


    3 more years of exciting basketball, and it will show free agents that Kobe is committed to continue winning. Hopefully this will bring some new players in this off season.

    • Aaron

      how did this contract show that kobe is committed to winning??! he signed a contract that will take up 55% of the salary cap! if he was serious about winning, he would take a lesser contract and use the money to retool the bench. oh well. i guess kobe is still only worried about kobe. oh well.

      • Marwan Marzina

        It shows he cares about winning by the obvious fact that he stayed. If he didn't wanna win, then he would've went to New York, the one place (other than Chicago) he always wanted to play.

  • dclaker


  • daboss1848

    90 mil for 3 yrs – – 30 mil per year – – 55% of salary cap

    • daboss1849

      55% of salary cap, thats ridiculous!!!! It should be more…

      • airkobe

        pau will get jealous on this and make some issues to kobe ala shaq. So better trade pau to someone that will understand that he is kobe bryant. I more like drew now…trade pau for bosh or the hard working noah!!! believe me this will be another shaq kobe war.

  • Dee

    There goes our shot at LeBron

    • keepon_keepinon18

      If Cavs knew LeBron wanted to play for the Lakers next season and that was definitely going to be his goal, they wouldn't just let him go. I mean that Cavs would do a sign-and-trade so they could get something back and so that the Lakers can let someone (or more) go. Haha, it is still possible Dee!

  • LakersMike31

    Wow, Kobe for another 3 years…at HOW MUCH??? this is NOT good…

  • keepon_keepinon18

    How in the world can it be worth $90 million for 3 years. I love Kobe but, (maybe if it was him in his prime for an extended time), thats is a RIDICULOUS contract if it was real. Especially in this economy and with the possible salary cap being even lower!
    I'm absolutely happy that there was an extension but such a huge contract could affect any other possible free-agent pickups for not only the next off season but the following ones too.
    So, here I am waiting to hear that its not anywhere near $90 million… I'd take Kobe at $60-75 million for the next 3 years.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Worth every effin penny!

  • Robert

    Interesting. I wonder if it was just a 'business' decision that came to a resolution after months of negotiation, or if there is a 'statement' hidden it this.
    First, Phil mentions that he would like to return next year. We know that Kobe likes Phil. And now a few weeks later, Kobe's contract is finalized.
    Although the team has sputtered the past few weeks, it is clear that the 5 starters (or 5 top 'signed' players, Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Drew, Ron-Ron) are in for a bit. Everyone else is a role player, and can come and go. The big 5 can get a lead easily in the first 2 quarters, and our role players have had trouble maintaining that lead. So, if there were a 'remote' chance the Lakers wouldn't win the trophy, it would be easy to build a set of role players to handle those duties in the future.
    It is clear that Kup is going with 'status quo' to see if the Lakers can live up to their potential. If not, some will go, and others will come in offseason. Since Phil is returning, perhaps the best chance is to get someone from the Timberwolves (who are learning the Triangle from Mr. Rambis).
    Anyway, Kobe is certainly happy with the core players, and so his signing with the Lakers is a good sign that he has confidence in future (and hopefully present) championships.

  • Won A Ring For The King

    Laker fans, you should not be happy about this.
    -If Kobe Bryant is “all about winning” (as he claims to be) then he should have waited until the summer, given the Lakers cap room to explore a quality free agent that could play alongside Pau and Kobe.
    -This would require that Kobe takes a pay cut but if he wants to be one above jordan (24), then he'll need 7 rings. The only way to do that is to sacrifice his pay to get that glory.
    -I really believed that's what he was up to but when they say “It's not about the money”, it's about the money.
    -Now, the Lakers have no cap room so the only way to get a quality third player is to do a sign-and-trade for Bynum + Odumb.
    -Either way, this team need to shake things up after the Cavs take them out in 6.
    Kobe, you took the money over baketball glory, but at least we already know…it wasn't about the money. It was all about the respect, right? Cavs in 6.

    • airkobe

      lakers already had lots of star on gasol,odom,artest, and including bynum and of course kobe so there is no way to add more superstar that will ruin the chemistry. so it's about trading player pau,odom, or bynum. pau is soft i would love bosh over him. odom inconsistent, and bynum weak bone..noah is not a good scorer as bynum and versatile( ? ) as odom but he can bring the intensity, hustle and the heart on playing the ball, and he don't demand scoring he just play hard trying to posterized other big man. I think with noah on the middle and bosh on the 4, artest on the 3 and kobe on the 2 only no 1 is the problem but with that four out there mustle and huste..

  • lakerbunny


  • Aaron

    while i am happy that kobe signed an extension, $90 mil for 3 years makes me want to puke. athlete salaries are getting ridiculous, especially with the economy we have now!