Interesting article telling the world why Kobe Bryant should repeat as MVP.

Bleacher Report: Let’s be honest. There are only two legitimate MVP candidates: LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. No other players have meant more to their teams success than these two individual players and no two players are playing at a higher level.

For the first half of the season, Lebron James was clearly the MVP. He was playing at a high level statistically, improved his defense and had the Cavs sitting at the top of the Eastern Conference.

Then the second half of the season came, Andrew Bynum once again got injured and Kobe Bryant took his game to an entirely different level once again.

The race between these two players is extremely close. LeBron has the statistical advantage and Kobe has the team success advantage. At the end of the day though, I give the edge to the reigning MVP.

If a player is going to win MVP, he has to take it from the reigning MVP. This year, Kobe’s been better statistically and he’s lead his Lakers to a better record so far at this point than he did in his MVP season.

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  • Mitch4Pres

    excellent article. lays everything out perfectly. i do disagree with the part about the supporting casts though. i think the lakers have a much better supporting cast than the cavs especially when we’re healthy. i’m glad to see there’s at least one person out there that isn’t riding lebron’s d ick

  • ilikebasketball

    the last paragraph sums it up sooo well.

    someone should send that article to that schmuck who writes the mvp rankings for

  • yes sir

    Rob Peterson at MVP race is douchbag. He’s the one who writes the race to the MVP column. Kobe is clearly MVP…if he doesn’t it’ll be a tragedy to difficult to phathom.

  • 3 wyshes

    Yes the article hit it right on the head.
    BUT TO ME THE CLINCHER IS: Just like last year Kobe really wasnt given the MVP until that final meeting versus the Hornets where that gave us the edge on NO to take that #1 spot in the west which was a crazy conference last season. No there is not gonna be a game late in the season like that this year but its clear. Each head to head matchup has been won by KB24. We swept the C’s, We swept the Cavs and gave them their only home Loss of the year so far. We have the best team in the league and have been #1 in the west all year. Kobe’s 61 MSG record was just out of this world. I mean King James has had a great season but hasnt chopped the head off of his ghoast from last season. So there are a bunch of things to factor in but these are some of the small things.

  • kobe124


    Lakers started this decaded with championships now its time to end the decade with championships!!!

  • lakers2000

    This is a good article. I have been all over sports pages and most of these east coast biased, Kobe hating b@stards have lebron running away with it. I know that Kobe is not even killing himself at this point and will have the energy to sock it to the league come play off time. I can’t wait to hear the bullslock after we win it all. They will probably have a 2 minute segment on the Lakers followed by a week long mini series about the Celtics and Lebrons greatness. I swear, I do not know why I read sports writers crap half the time. Kobe for MVP X2 and Lakers crowned league kings. Go Lakers!!!!!

  • sketch

    that’s friggin right! but if we were being honest, then the media would then admit that Lebron is actually more HYPE than goods ergo, LeHype! Kobe’s the real deal and has proved it every single season. i’m tired of the media and the critics changing the rules on him. When he’s got the statics, he’s a ball hog, yet the media still wants to crown LeHype the MVP even though he has the stats. When his team is doing better then it’s someone else having better stats. can’t have it both ways fcukers!

    face it, Nash shouldn’t have won the MVP for the second year. that one should have been Kobe’s first. Kobe had less talent on his team yet, he still almost single handedly squashed the suns in the playoffs that year. when’s the media gonna just stop hating on our boy and finally recognizing him for what he really is? which is he’s the next best thing since MJ. stop tearing him down to prop up LeHype, LeHype’s not ready as we all clearly saw in the game against boston last friday.

  • bynumite

    Don’t worry when kobester leaves in 7 years or so it’ll be time for lehype…don’t hate on the guy…he’s a damn good player….but no doubt about it….kobe is MVP! oh yea and boston sucks!…we were without bynum and ariza for almost half the season last year….boston lost KG 2 weeks i ago and i swear that fag from redsarmy is about to cry…and who gives a shyt if big baby and tony allen aren’t there…they suck!!


    KOBE MVP 2009

    LeBron MVP 2010 (?)

  • Lakers 24 7

    LeBron is a great player, and he’s a monster with the stats, but in reality, Kobe has the full package. They say LeBron is a better passer, NO!, Lebron is a WILLING passer, Lebron just waits for the double team and hits the open man, but Kobe has sick no-look and behind the back passes. Lebron averages more, but that’s only because Kobe doesn’t have to carry the scoring load as much anymore, and we know Kobe can drop 40+ on any given night if he wanted to. Lebron averages more rebounds, but that’s because he’s bigger and stronger. Lebron is good at reading the passing lanes, but he’s not a lockdown defender like Kobe. Kobe’s got a better jump shot, is a better FT shooter, and has better footwork. Kobe is more clutch, and he’s won plenty of games for the Lakers or at least kept them in the game when it went down to the wire. Kobe is tougher, and he’s played through his injuries, while Lebron missed 7 games last season for a sprained finger. They say the east is better this season, but only the top 3 teams are good, while the rest are around .500, and the west is the same story as last year except the Lakers are so much better. The west is still stacked, and Phoenix could be 4th in the east, but they are 9th in the west. The Lakers have won all the statement games and have had the best record in the league for most of the season.

    Kobe = MVP’09
    End of story.