L.A. Times: The U.S. basketball team, entirely made up of superstars, isn’t really anyone’s, but one of them — Kobe Bryant — stands alone, at least as far as 1.3 billion Chinese are concerned.

If LeBron James is still King James in the U.S., Bryant is the new emperor of China.

Bryant gets the loudest cheers in pregame introductions. Fans chant “MVP!” when he’s at the free-throw line. Late in Saturday’s rout of Spain as he sat on the bench, they started chanting, “Kobe! Kobe!”

As teammate Carmelo Anthony joked, “Kobe might want to think about moving here — to live.”

On this, his fifth trip to China, he’s protected by the U.S. team’s security people, several of whom were hired off the Lakers staff.

On past trips, where every place he went hadn’t already been secured as they have been here, he would have needed the People’s Liberation Army.

“Oh, they’ve broken through security before,” Bryant says. “I’ve lost earrings, chains and all kinds of stuff. This time I tuck ‘em in when I go into crowds.

“Last year when I came here, I lost an earring. . . . A kid found it on the floor and held on to it for three hours and came back and gave it back to me. That’s crazy.”

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  • Kb_24mvp

    kobe just doesnt rule china, he rules the world!!! all you kobe/laker haters, go ahead and jump on the ban wagon becuz next year we are taklin the championship!!! woot woot!!!

  • http://getgarnett Louis

    Kobe doesn’t rule china.He rules the hole NBA History.All
    you Kobe/Laker haters.Keep on taking because we are taking
    the trophy, we are the champions.After the lakers win the
    championship all of you laker haters and kobe haters keep
    you mouths shut.

  • alan

    i like the last part where the kid returned the earring. he probably switched it.


    I wish people,including myself,wasn’t so critical of other people in this country just because they made a mistakes or 5…I know I’ve made waaaaaaaay more than Kobe and so did many others,whether on this site or anybody on this planet.

    I have MAAAAD respect for China right now,very honorable people.


    Same here…I also have tremendous respect for the China. They have treated the U.S. with cheers. A very honorable and respectful people. When they played China and Jason Williams tried to dunk on Yao, I was like “Naahhhh, don’t do that just lay it up on him”. I felt bad dunking on China’s big man. He is very respectful.

  • xGothcHickx

    i love the airport part ahha

  • LakerInTheEast

    Does anyone know where you can buy the USA Basketball shirt Kobe has on in this picture? Thanks.