L.A. Times: Now to see just whose age this is . . .

As Little Kobe and Little LeBron, the muppets Nike calls its “MVP Puppets,” announced in their latest commercial, in which they play “SportsCenter” anchors, the rivalry is back on!

And just in time for Christmas!

With ESPN and Nike as core NBA sponsors, what are the chances Little Kobe and Little LeBron become the first muppets to anchor a real “SportsCenter” between now and the Lakers’ Christmas game against the Cavaliers?

Nike debuted the muppets last spring, alongside its “Dream Season 23 & 24″ documentary, in which narrator Justin Timberlake mused:

“As these friends grow closer to a showdown, you have to wonder, what are they thinking?”

By the Finals, where Orlando represented the East after stunning the Cavaliers, James was thinking, “What happened to my showdown?”

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  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    Even the Kobe puppet can beat the real Lebron in a game :D

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    in this watered down league, KOBE SHINES,but he`s either hated or ballwashed.LEBRON is earning his way….he didn`t come into the league on a silver spoon…KOBE WOULD ALSO FAIL IN CLEVELAND…DORKS.

    • 007

      of course lebron didn’t come into the league on a silver spoon. #1 draft picks never come into the league on a silver spoon. who cares if james proclaimed himself “the chosen one” and everyone followed suit. espn NEVER shows the same lebron highlights over and over and over. *end sarcasm*

      gimme a break. kobe did not come into this league on a silver spoon. he earned his title as the 1-2 punch on the lakers (with shaq). let’s not forget he didn’t even get much playing time in his first few seasons. get over yourself. kobe “earned” his way into this league WAAAAAY more than lebron. lol, lebron never had to earn anything. he already had a starting spot on the roster and espn was already shining his crown for him before he got drafted.

    • daboss1848

      he was called THE KING before he even set foot on the NBA hardwood . . . he didnt come in with a silver spoon – that wasnt good enough for him; he entered with a platinum spoon

    • WifelovesLuke

      A kid coming out of high school being proclaimed as “The Chosen One” and “King” is what you call earning his way? Interesting.

  • kobe,bi-curious? aka laffs atu says:

    I low key want lebron to do me in the but?