UPDATE: TLN has learned that Kobe Bryant will not be serving on the jury. We can all rest assured that home court advantage is still very much in reach. – Kam Pashai

O.C. Register: The Lakers are in a tight battle for the best record in the NBA and home court advantage throughout the playoffs, but that did not prevent Kobe Bryant from fulfilling his civic responsibility.

He showed up this morning as scheduled for jury duty in the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana and took a seat in the jury assembly room along with about 200 other potential jurors.

Bryant has lived in Orange County for years, and his status as one of the greatest basketball players alive apparently did not exempt him from getting a jury summons.

It is actually business as usual in jury assembly, except that a deputy sheriff is stationed at the door to prevent non-jurors from entering.

Court authorities said Bryant is being treated just like any other potential juror and must go through the process.

Carol Levitzky, spokeswoman for Superior Court, said that system usually works with potential jurors to accomodate important work schedules.

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    That’s funny.

  • #1 Laker Fan

    DAMNN! i postponed my jury duty service and it was set for this day!!!! FML

  • JLim

    LOL that sucks man! that woulda been sick to see kobe.. FYL!! sorry dude!