yayL.A. Times: The Lakers keep heading to the injured list, one by one, but Kobe Bryant has adjusted accordingly. His production has been on the rise since he compiled 27 points, nine rebounds and five assists Christmas Day against Boston.

He had 40 points against Utah and 39 against New Orleans. He had 26 points in 33 minutes against Portland. He had an even more efficient 31 in 32 minutes against Golden State. He had a well-rounded 21 points, five rebounds and five assists in a rematch Wednesday against the Warriors.

Of particular importance is his shooting percentage, which has increased dramatically to 48.3% after enduring some rough early-season outings. If Bryant stays at his current level, he would set a personal best for shooting percentage, topping the 46.9% he shot in 2001-02.

Bryant has made 69 of 122 shots in the last six games, a commendable 56.6%.

“I’ve always approached the season like the Tour de France. I’ve approached it in stages,” said Bryant, now in his 13th season. “I’m not going to sprint the hill every time. I’m going to let my teammates pull me up, and then I’m going to wait for a certain part of the race and start kind of picking it up. That’s how I approach the season. I kind of pace it.”

  • Paul

    If no one else is gonna step up, he might as well do it (:.

  • kb24_1OVERJORDAN

    and ppl say he had lost his step KOBE MVP

  • Eidraq

    he’s playing great bball…as soon as the allstar break is over, he’ll prlly pick it up another notch

  • gugy

    The good thing so far is by the all star break we will have all our players back. Farmar, LO and Luke. Hopefully everybody stays healthy from this point on.
    Kobe needs to take care of himself and slowly increase his pace. He needs to be in full force for the playoffs, not now. Rest the man as much as we can.

  • sketch

    the sad thing is that when he turns it on, everyone else on the team become spectators as well! i just hope that they remember that THEY’RE getting paid to PLAY and WE pay to WATCH!

    would someone else besides pau step up and please step up! bynum, great game last game, now all you have to do is to keep playing like this to have us believe that you’ve earned your contract!

  • trade_lamo

    G.O.A.T !

    No doubt. Never was any …

  • http://GeeeZ Geeez

    No one like Kobe ever and never will be !

    Jordan was truely awesome and made a name for himself as the greatest player ever or the second best after Jabbar . But for Kobe the kid came out of high school with no 4 yr expeirence from a university or coach and became now the best player in the world with Championships under his belt and who knows how many divisional titles and is still going strong .The NBA tries so hard to put Kobe down mentally , physically and with talent from younger players and fans and he proves all of them wrong time after time ,even at his age ,,,, hahaha what a laugh ! The guy is truely remarkable ! … and i would call him the greatest of all time. There are so many critics , fans from differnt cities and teams that are so jealous of him because he playes in LA. But if he was going to play for thier team , they would throw out the red carpet for this individaul who has truly beat all odds and made himself the best in the world ….. KOBE IS THE NBA !! with out him thier would be a very boring league with a bunch of no names .