With Kobe’s hanging jumper over Jason Kidd, Kobe passed Reggie Miller for 13th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

It came late in the 2nd quarter where Kobe drove towards the rim, stopped and elevated for a one legged hanging jumper.

Reggie Miller had 25,270 career points.

The next stop for Kobe is surpassing Alex English’s 25,613 career points.

  • thankgoodness tLNfans are not GM


  • Lebrongay


  • westwest

    WTF? Lol

  • stevemadens

    I will care when he pass Jordan!

  • LUke Backspason

    Luke Passes Bill Walton wit most days of having a bad back!

  • Why coach Earl not in the NBA?

    Earl from TLN needs to be in the NBa since he knows everything about BBall!

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    #1 alltime MISSED shots………..go rat.

    • LGM10

      Get the F*** out of here. this is “LAKERS” nation buddy for FANS. U like the cavs go to a cavs blog or whatever team u dont criticize in a stupid way like that.

  • Heron

    he’s jacking up bad shots again.

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    9 of 23 hey your boyfriend missed that hero shot tonight, little different when not playing a cupcake…………..golakers

    • 09champs!

      hahaha whats funny is that you hate so much, that you´re in love with the Lakers :)

      You watch every game , so dont make it seem like you hate them. You know you admire them :P

  • sheets&socks

    so what!!!!!!!…. damn near every historical night is a “L”

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    DAMM we had chance to give bynum away im so damm cool on his traveling ass we could of got that lefty beast in toronto F!!CK BYNUM’S POTENTIAL gasol in 2 years his brother mark will be that beast while this softy finess all that flayling you’re arms letting hayword jump all over is head ,LAMAR whats so damm funny even the REFS don’t believe you thats why you didn’t get any CALLS!!!!

  • Al

    Who cares, he played like crap.

  • drive-for-16th


  • Robert

    I know I know …. everyone’s upset at the loss. Me too. I’m not even sure I want to visit the ‘excuses’ (refs didn’t call enough fouls on Mavs, etc.). As Big James said, ‘if you think that you are playing 8 players, then you have to work harder to ‘overcome’ that’. We played 8 players in the 2008 Finals, but overcame that the following year.
    The only thing that makes me ‘think’ is that at the beginning of the year, the Lakers were touted as being one of the best teams ‘ever'; a ‘juggernaut’. They don’t seem like that now. They are not overwhelming. Are they saving it for playoffs? There goes home court.

  • http://57.amklac Charles Barkley

    sure he has problems shootng,if it not the hero shot it bangs off the rim,maybe some defense would be nice…whens the last time he shut some-one ANYONE DOWN?ALL DEFENSE? SO F ING OVER-RATED…