• cneo

    very good interview KB.

  • vida8

    That was nice .. !

  • http://thelakersnation.com ThE NeXt FaRmAr 5

    u think kobe is sick of getting asked all of those questions about shaq, phil, and his wanted to be traded thing all stuff in the past. rarely is there an interview were he gets to talk about whats going on in the present for 5 minutes straight i think he deserves it hes the MVP ya dig

    and im goin to the game tommorow YAYAAYAYAYYAYAYYAYA!

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Kobe is very respectful and polite. He is a smart person, that people dont give enough credit to.

  • Geloman

    I hope the Lakers win it all this year. But I wonder what Kobe’s demeanor and attitude will be IF the Lakers don’t win it all this year. He seems to be in an upbeat mood because the Lakers are #1 in the West. But the true test of how much Kobe’s attitude has changed towards the team is IF the Lakers fail to win it this year.

  • e

    its been years since he’s been this open and happy about being interviewed…media is much less critical of him now..amazing..great interview for kobe


    Really good interview, it’s awesome to see Kobe in such good spirits and acting so lighthearted with the media.

  • domz

    Kobe, you are the MVP!!!

    Go Lakers, seal that No.1 spot!!!

    Mavs should beat the HORNIES, so we would face Denver
    Spurs should beat Utah, so PHX-SAS will match up in the 1st round
    HOU should beat the Clipps, for them to secure the 5th seed, not the PHX

    Anyway,.We must focus more on our games…So….


  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    Kobe, are we gonna hang out like we did in championship years past? :-D

  • Hugo

    [Comment ID #32833 Will Be Quoted Here]

    u man he want be pissed cuz he nos that bynum wen he will be back this year wont be 100 percent but next once he is healthy and can play as a starter we will be amazing pce

  • http://paulmcrae.ca jedi34567

    That is the most engaging and charming I’ve seen Kobe in a long time. Maybe ever.

  • f5LAL

    Kobe is a great example of a high ego person learning better ways

  • lakers4life

    kobe on kiis fm tomorrow