Kobe Bryant recently sat down with Laker Nation’s own David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers.

In part one of their sit down conversation, Bryant discusses why the 2012 Olympic team would beat the 1992 Dream Team, and why he succeeds in the clutch.

Bryant also talked about what Olympic teammate he grew closest with in 2008:

David Brickley: One of the fun things about that [Dream Team] documentary was Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing became great friends. Which I think Charles Barkley said thats kind of the most awkward pairing he’s seen.

Kobe Bryant: [Smiles] “It is. it is very odd”

DB: So for you, the guys that you maybe see once or twice a year, especially if they’re in the Eastern Conference, are all of a sudden your teammates and I think in 08′ you mentioned you developed some real strong relationships with these guys because you just never got to know them.

Kobe Bryant: Yea because you don’t have time to. You know everybody’s constantly doing a million different things during the season and off the season its even more so because you have so many commitments to sponsors and things like that so during that season Carmelo Anthony and I became extremely close just because of our personalities….

DB: I think you became his P.R. Guy during the all-star game….

KB: [laughs] That was my guy man, that’s my guy…I know he went through a very tough time when he was in Denver and needed somebody to kinda go to bat for him and stand up for him and that’s what friends do.

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Photo by Filippo Monte-Forte | AFP | Getty Images