This captures the ferocity of Kobe perfectly…

It also gets me pumped to think he’s announced he’ll play in both the FIBA tournament and next Olympics in 2012!

  • 242LakerFan

    I dig the ad, no doubt, but I cannot honestly say that the FIBA talk thrilled me very much. Another Olympic title is not going to enhance his legacy nearly so much as another chip or two will. Beijing ’08 was great, but save what’s left for the real world, Mamba.

    • lakerman1

      if Kobe continues at this rate w/o taking time out to heal he may not have to worry about FIBA, he may be in traction, though i do not wish that on him sometimes you have to put your health 1st.

  • Chris Manning

    The Olympic game in 2008 USA vs. Spain was maybe one of the best basketball games I’ve ever seen. Just an incredible game.

  • wow

    wow, that is a nice commercial, if i was gay or a chick i’d want to fuk kobe LOL

  • Marco Jose Manipon

    Nice ZKVs.

  • Marco Jose Manipon

    I personally think that he has to join the FIBA Championships. That Redeem team should complete redemption. That USA team headed by Melo, Wade and LeBron during the last world championships just completely sucked.

  • Brian

    Have you guys seen this video???

  • islandgirl

    My hubby works for Nike and is also an avid KOBE BRYANT fan! – I have to admit this advertisement ROCKS!!!

  • http://57.amklac missesalot



    Mama! There goes that man again!!! That stare down gave me goosebumps lol.