Yahoo recently conducted their top 10 best shooting guards of the last decade, Kobe Bryant was named number 1.

svKOBE_narrowweb__300x461,0Yahoo: Very, very brilliant, this man is.

You’re well aware of his stats; he’s essentially a Jordan-lite. You’re aware that he’s won four rings, made the Finals two other times, and is one of the greatest backcourt practitioners to ever play this game. And that, at age 31, he’s on what might be the deepest and most talented team of his career, a team coming off a Finals victory.

What always impresses me most, is the man’s dedication. Complain about the off-court stuff, how calculating he seems, how he can appear pretty transparent at times, I don’t mind. You’d be right, in that regard. But you have to respect the amount of work he puts into the game that we love. Work that, I’m sorry, some of our favorite players both past and present just couldn’t be bothered to do.

Can’t blame those guys, you can only go so hard for so long without getting burned out. Kobe’s love is a special love, though. A sick one. MJ had that sickness, Magic had it, Bird had it, Russell had it. All the greats had it.

He’s not at their level. But he made damn sure he gave himself every opportunity he could to work toward their level.

Kobe Bryant is the greatest shooting guard of the decade. It’s not even close.

  • Short Dog

    Dam straight. He’ll surpass Jordan by the time he retires. Lakers Baby. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Props!

  • touchingmyself

    Duh! Who else could it have been?

  • bageleaterkkjji

    not on the level of them?

    • Short Dog

      Kobe is toe to toe with Magic. Who cares about the others mentioned. Magic put jordan to shame. Magic had 5 and retired hella young. jordan never won when magic,bird, isaiah thomas were around. Kind of like how Lebron will never win when KOBE is around. Lakers#1

  • kob24

    hes passed lary and magic for sure!!! and bill russell is a fag he got all those championships when there were 8 teams in the nba.

  • Never2Gone

    “He’s not at their level.”

    O RLY?? I think you’re jaded after watching Kobe do his thing for years now.. I guess, to you, it seems routine. It’s not.

    We are enjoying the rare pleasure of getting to watch one of the greats of the game up close. Don’t be blinded by his greatness and take it for granted.

    • Short Dog

      Living Legend

  • touchingmyself

    Short Dog’s right… “LIVING LEGEND”! Kob24, is also right about Kobe surpassing Magic and Larry, but I do believe that Larry is a small forward so within the context of this catagory, Kobe and Larry wouldn’t be compared. For that matter, Kobe wouldn’t be compared to Magic either since Magic is a point guard and not a shooting guard.

    Having said that, the only real standard to measure Kobe by is the Jump Man Logo! I personally think that Kobe is already on par with 23, but I know that the masses will claim that it’s sacrilegious to make such a claim. Kobe has demonstrated the dedication, the obsession, the game smarts, the physical attributes, the skill, the talent, the love, and most of all… the results to elevated him to MJ’s status. And if he keeps going on this same path, he will undoubtedly pass Jordan like a small town gas station while driving a prius with a full tank of gas!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!

    • Short Dog

      Jordan who?