Sporting News put together a great piece on Kobe Bryant. Pretty cool stuff here on the best athlete of the decade!

sportingnewscoverLakers Examiner: Sporting News has named Los Angeles Lakers guard and 2009 NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant as the NBA player of the decade for the 2000s.

The honor is part of a 14-page tribute to the athletes, coaches and teams of the 2000s in the new issue of the magazine. SN honored one athlete in each sport and enlisted the help of teammates, coaches and legends to make a case for both the winner and runner-up.

Kobe told SN that 2009 was his favorite year of the decade, for obvious reasons…

This year meant a lot. We won a championship. It was satisfying, very satisfying, because we put in a lot of time and effort to fix things and get better. It’s a great memory. I feel that we just had such a great team, such a fun team, from our chemistry to the way we executed. We went through some years and years of frustration to get to that point.

Anyone who remembers watching Smush Parker and Kwame Brown fumble the ball around can certainly understand Kobe’s frustration. The fact that those teams even made the playoffs are a testament to Kobe’s ability and determination.

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  • Omamba

    Agreed Jamie, good point on those last 2 sentences. Kobe definitely deserved this, he has, in my mind, been the best player in the league from 2005-2009, after the 2004-2005 season. Kobe, you honestly and truly deserved this, and I’m glad that Sports Illustrated was smart enough to give it to you. Way to go Kobe!

    • 007

      lol. SPORTINGNEWS not Sports Illustrated. Still awesome acheivement nonetheless and definitely well deserved. you can’t go wrong with kobe.

  • desecrator93

    Although you could make a very legit arguement that Duncan should win it, Kobe is most deserving of course. Couldnt go wrong with either of them….

  • lakers2000

    We just getting started! Go Lakers!!!

  • Short Dog

    That’s right. Kobe has been putting it down since way back in the day. Jordan never scored 81 points. Kobe and the Lakers are #1. He still has more juice to go.

  • touchingmyself

    This is a well deserved honor for Kobe. It may not be a popular one for the general public, but “true” basketball fans will embrace this. Kobe does get under people’s skin for the things he says, for his attitude on or off the court, but his competitiveness, his drive to be the best, his talent, his skill set, his will to win is “SECOND TO NONE”! Not even Jordan was up to this level.

    Desecrator93, I hear what you’re saying. I think that Duncan is the “MOST CONSISTENT PLAYER” of the Decade, but there’s NO WAY that he deserves the “PLAYER” of the Decade. All the things that Kobe’s done: setting all the records of consecutive 40 and 50 point games, the Lakers scoring record, the Madison Square Garden scoring record, 4 time champion, all NBA 1st teams, his prolific scoring runs, the title of being the closer, all the game winners he’s hit, and of course the 81 point game. When everyone said that NO ONE would score 100 ever again like Wilt, well, Kobe showed everyone that he COULD HAVE, had that been his mind set from the get go. There’s no question Kobe is the “PLAYER OF THE DECADE”. Duncan is the most consistent, but he has no where the achievements on his resume to that of Kobe’s!

    • desecrator93

      I agree with all the things you said man, no doubt. But you could still make a case for Duncan because he has 3 finals MVPs (well 2 this decade if you dont count the 99′ one). And alot of people would say if you had to choose either one of them to start a franchise with, in their prime, which one would you take. Personally, since I’m biased, I’d take Kobe but outside of us, I think most people would pick Duncan because big men affect the game more on both ends of the court to a larger degree than a perimeter player would. Even a great all around player like Kobe. Thats just how it is, its a big man’s game. Although Duncan may not have the scoring feats like Kobe does, I still think Timmy has an edge on him on defense and leadership wise (When Timmy first came in the league, he was already a great leader while Kobe wasnt the best of leaders for the first few years of of his career). Dont get me wrong guys, I love Kobe and I’m not saying he doesnt deserve the award because he should and I’m glad he did. I’d personally rather have him get it than Timmy anyway. I’m just sayin theres a very legit argument you can make for Duncan to get it. Now what pisses me off is when people say Shaq should’ve won it LOL.

      • touchingmyself

        Again, I feel you on everything you said and can’t disagree on any of those points. And I do think that the general public has that exact sentiment and would make those exact arguments to give Timmy the honor. I do agree that basketball is a big man’s game, but I do think that when there’s an exceptional smaller player in the guard position ie Kobe Bryant, that’s the exception to the rule.

        I mean, in his first 2 ships, he had David Robinson as center while he played PF… talk about UNFAIRNESS! Ha! That’s a formidable front line for any team to face. Then after Robinson left, Timmy had Parker. And I know that you’d agree without Parker, or another exceptional guard like Parker, Timmy wouldn’t have gotten his 3rd or 4th ring.

        I think that Kobe is the exception to the rule. He affects the game like no one else. He’s totally inside/ outside and plays great D. Think about this for a sec… Kobe had to play with Snaq for all those earlier years. I know, I know… I should have said that he had the privilege of playing with Snaq. He couldn’t have won the 3 without Snaq and I’m not trying to take that from the Big Self Absorbing Sponge! What I meant was that Kobe had to temper his game all that time and he could never really take over and develop to show case the player that he could’ve been had the Big handcuffs not been there in Los Angeles.

        LeBrick gets to develop into the player that he is when free reign. No one to slow his pace down. He does whatever, whenever. Kobe never got that until after Snaq left. We all saw his potential, but he still could never do all of that until the Big Sloth was outta here. Imagine what else Kobe could’ve shown the world? Imagine that! 81 points might have just been a footnote as opposed to a headline!

        Kobe commands double and triple teams constantly! We’ve all seen him drive to the hoop and get an and 1 with 5 defenders wide eyed and jaws drop around him! Now they can’t do that as much because he’s got legitimate players who can do damage so there’s no more triple teams. Homeboy is truly Jordan-esque! And he affects the game like Jordan did back in his day!

        Again, I do see your points made and while they are legitimate… I also know that you’d agree ( not only because we’re both biased ) that Kobe transcends the game while Timmy is in it. Although, Timmy is an exceptionally consistent and dominant player during his run. He didn’t have the affect on the opposing teams like Kobe had. People aren’t in FEAR when they hear Tim Duncan, but they are in FEAR when they hear Kobe Bryant!

        Oh just one more thing to add. Kobe did lead USA basketball back up to the summit! USA basketball is no longer the laughing stock because Kobe made it a point to sacrifice and to elevate the game play back to the top where it belongs. That is also not something that TD can boast. Most popular jersey… #24! He’s WORLD WIDE BABY! He’s WOLRD WIDE!

        • desecrator93

          Couldnt agree with you more bro. Although I do think in Duncan’s earlier days, many players did fear him when they drove into the paint because they knew he would be right there waiting for them.

  • Short Dog

    Kobe has been good every single year. duncan sucks and so do the spurs. They can’t hang. Where are they now. Lakers are always in the mix because of Kobe. This is a player award not a team award.

  • http://Yahoo Long John Tom

    Lakers can suck all the Basketballs in the World so can Short Dog, then they can go 2 memphis and suck them so they can get another great player.


    • FERN DOG


  • champs

    Kobe has three rings with shaq. kobe is a great player but for anyone to compare him to Jordan is a complete idiot. The Spurs have the most wins of the decade and Duncan is the reason for that. SPURS

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