We’re on day (I lost count after 80) of the NBA lockout. With players scheduled to meet today in Los Angeles, there always appears to be a glimmer of hope–quickly followed by an avalanche of disaster.

As if you didn’t already feel a gigantic void in your daily life without NBA basketball, this Kobe Bryant mix made by LK12 Productions won’t make things any better. Enjoy.

  • http://www.petezafra.com Pj Zafra

    Wow! Love the video and such strong words there. Definitely makes me wish the NBA isn’t in lockout mode. Would love to see another great season. I’d love to see how the Lakers would do since they should be in redemption mode.

  • lakerman34

    Honesty is the best policy. And, in all honesty, not LK12’s best imo.

    It was hard to hear the narration sometimes over the game audio. Sorry, just my honest opinion.

  • jjr

    great video. got goosebumps towards the end with all those Kobe images rushing down.