Photo by Valerie Macon | Getty Images

It’s not like Kobe Bryant to quit.

But, that’s exactly what he and/or his team did on Wednesday when his Twitter account was created (@KobeBryant), and then hours later was shut down.

His first tweet…”Can you hear me now!?!?,”.

The account wasn’t a fluke or a fake because Kobe’s Official Facebook account had a status update that read, “Welcome Kobe to Twitter!

Kobe gained 35,000+ followers in about three hours, and then the account was deleted:

Well, it was Bryant’s account, but a source told Yahoo! Sports the release was premature and a decision was made to pull back the account. Nevertheless, it will return in the near future and Bryant will start back on his way toward the 2,465,000-plus followers of @KingJames.

Kobe has been asked about having a twitter multiple times, and has quickly dismissed the idea.

However, with how huge twitter has become to promote products, and get important messages out, it seems he and has team understand the importance.

Bryant, whether he likes it or not, looks like he will be a part of the social media giant sooner rather than later.