L.A. Times: There are few things more important to Kobe Bryant before a game than his portable DVD player.

It goes wherever he goes before tipoff. On the padded table in the trainer’s room. On the floor for a pregame stretching routine. Perched in front of his locker.

The Lakers’ 10-time All-Star stares at his 10-inch screen, watching basketball clips of the players he’ll be guarding.

It is part of his longtime commitment to studying video, one of the foundations of a career still going strong in its 13th season.

The Lakers have had their stars over the last few decades — Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Shaquille O’Neal — but few have studied game video (or film, as it was called back in the day) more diligently than Bryant, who looks for the slightest advantage while sizing up an opponent.

“Hands down, he’s the biggest video fiend we’ve ever had,” said Chris Bodaken, the Lakers’ director of video services. “I didn’t know if it was possible to be more competitive than Magic was, but I think he might be. It carries over into his preparation, and this is part of that.”

Bodaken, 40, began working in the Lakers’ editing room in 1989 as an intern and is now one of two full-time staffers who use eight digital video recorders, five laptop computers and 18 DVD burners to record, edit and copy footage for Lakers coaches and players.

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  • dom1020

    G.O.A.T ?

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    The next guy that tells me that MJ is better than KB24, i will kick them in the nutsssss…
    this guy is the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • daboss1849

    Mj is not better than kobe. My is much better than kobe!!!

  • trade_lamo

    Yeah, well …

    Maybe one day Kobe can play as well as Bynum and Odom …

  • ricky

    I will not make an argument out of who is better between Jordan and Bryant. All I am going to say is that Jordan would be slightly higher in any case, but it is very hard not to say that when it comes to raw, all-around talent, Bryant is not far behind. He IS the CLOSEST player as there ever will be in terms of being titled the next Jordan, so I think it’s fair to say Bryant will go down as one of the best legends of all time.

    His dedication and competitive nature has kept him the greatest for years and his absolute passion for the game just can’t be argued. Each superstar is great in their own right, so it’s only safe to say that Kobe is just as great as all the other past legends before him.

    Go Lakers! Champions 2009!

  • Erick

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  • isaac24

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    You are absolutely and positively RIGHT ON!
    This dude?, or Thing?, is a big time “loser” of a troll!


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    That was someone posing as ab4. I know he thinks LBJ is better but I don’t think he hates kobe Isaac. I have seen his posts. Look at the fake ab4sure post. It has been deleted.

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