L.A. Times: Kobe Bryant was able to mask it for a while, this business of an avulsion fracture in his right index finger forcing him to change his shot by putting more pressure on his thumb when releasing the ball.

But his shooting has taken a turn for the worse, as have the Lakers’ fortunes.

His shot total was creeping up in recent weeks, easily overlooked because he had been shooting a respectable 47% since injuring his finger Dec. 11 against Minnesota.

Then came losses to the Clippers and Portland, and Bryant can no longer say his shot count is justified by his accuracy.

He made 10 of 30 shots (33.3%) against the Clippers and 14 of 37 (37.8%) against Portland.

To put his Portland shooting experience into perspective, Bryant and Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy each scored 32 points Friday, but Roy did it with 26 fewer shots, making nine of 11.

“It’s an awful lot of shots,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said of Bryant’s 37 against the Blazers. “If you look at the box scores between Roy and the points scored as opposed to how many shots were taken, it’s a great discrepancy.”

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  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    EVEN if it kills the lakers the mamba keeps jacking up the shots…Why even bother to get open when you`ll NEVER get the ball?no wonder his teammates hate him..

  • Robert

    A statistic you ‘never’ see is ‘failed’ assists. So, Kobe passes to Farmar who puts one up …. klunk. Kobe passes to Vujacic who hoists one up ….. thud. Brick. Miss. Klunk.
    Who wouldn’t try to take more shots, if his teammates kept putting up bricks? Kobe does NOT have reliable perimeter shooters. And, he is the best shooter on the team. So what else the fu*( can he do?
    If you read the article, you’ll see that Phil did indeed say “Kobe put up an awful lot of shots”, but you miss the context unless you read the rest of the article. Kobe can sense the flow of the game. Does anyone recall 44/11 that he did last month? 44 points, 11 assists – who has done that this year? not LeCrab. Not Nash. Those ’11’ assists were just that – successful assists. And they were accompanied by one of the highest scoring nights of Kobe this season. Kobe saw the flow of THAT game.
    Kobe also saw that the flow of the Portland game was such that he could not rely on his teammates (during that game). He obviously could rely on them in the 44/11 game.


    kobe last 2 game 66 shots artest only 16.artest needs more shots

  • Sasha4Lvp

    Fiest I want to say the Kobe is my fav player. With that being said, I don’t like how Kobe has been playing lately jacking up shots. if ur teammates are in a slump, it is the leaders job to help his teammates get out of the slump. How is Kobe helping his teammates get out of a slump by jacking up 35 shots a game??? Also kobe’s fg% hasn’t been that great the last couple games either. Kobe jacking up shots is shattering their confidence and making te slump even worse. I would rather lose a game by Kobe passing the ball more to help them get out of the slump than Kobe jacking up 35 shots and not even mkaing half of them.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    o.k. robert, what about when kobe is klunking four or five shots in a row.?your a teammate wide open ,for what, to watch the kobe jack it up again…sooner than later he will hit some but come on who wants to be on a one man team like that?

  • Robert

    Yeah, @laffs, I’ve been on one man teams like that (I play pickup 3 – 5 times a week at John Wooden Center @ UCLA). It can be frustrating, when I get open looks and one guy is hogging the ball (a guy who thinks he can shoot), and the guy misses consistently and we lose the game because he didn’t pass out the ball. But the difference is – Kobe “can” shoot, and is generally the best option for a shot. What the triangle doesn’t generally ‘set up’ is pick & roll. If I’m on a ‘ball hog’ team, and I see that I’m not getting the ball, I set picks and blocks for those who are shooting. It increases their percentage of shots, since now they have more ‘open’ looks. The Triangle has 5 players posted in 2 traingles, and they have to think quickly to set the pick. The Lakers are not big on pick & roll. Instead, Kobe gets double and triple teamed, and therefore his high percentage shot dips down. Anyway, if I’m playing on a team with a ‘very good’ player, I don’t mind deferring to him when the time comes. If I don’t get the ball, I play as a team. If get a chance to shoot, I hopefully shoot 100% that day.

  • expo

    yea he’s shooting a lot, but to me its all based on the situation. Being as though right now the lakers are playing with maybe a 4 man roster, kobe has to do a lot. Especially late in games if they’re coming from behind or trying to keep the lead. Down the stretch his team mates tend to go remedial so he carries the load! Its not like anyone else is performing well to where I would say they need more touches!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    well said robert,couldn`t agree with you more.. besides kobe…the last laker to have over 33pts? 33 is like kobe`s average right?off the top of your head ,don`t look it up!……maybe shaq?

  • l.alakeshow

    idk but when kobe takes less shots is a much more exciting team to watch.kobe’s gotta stop forcing sum shots like today man he forced up alot..u gotta share with bynum and the rest