One Celtic legend giving love to one major Lakers legend. “I watch all the teams and what they did for LeBron, and [the Heat] still have to go through the Lakers with Kobe Bryant out there, who’s been my favorite player for a long time,’’ said Pacers president Larry Bird. “And I don’t think whatever they do in the East is really going to concern him that much.’’

  • Rio Rondo

    its cool Miami isn’t gonna get far enough in the playoffs with my Celtics in the way.

    • RonRonGq

      Rondo will shit on the het, pierce will make lebron work, KG will make Bosh his bitch, and Perkins will dominate with his size while Sugar ray will rain 3’sssssssssssssssss all day on d-wade

      • Rio Rondo

        we commin for the lake show 2011

        • keepon_keepinon18

          And here I am thinking to never associate myself with anything green…

          • Lakers=beast

            never thought I would support the celdicks…but they dominate the heat

        • Showtime4eva

          The NBA world does not need the heat to go for a title shot it DOES need another legendary lakers-celtics match the old school great franchise facing off. Once again. I hope to see you again in June. Until then let’s dispose of those bastards in south beach then give bird and magic another trip down memory lane


          First of all, how’s summer school huh Rio WrongDo? I sincerely hope that you’ll finally pass addition and subtraction over your summer classes so that you may move onto multiplication and division! After all, you are gonna be entering the 14th grade come fall!

          Second of all, for once I agree with you. I do believe that you guys match up well with that ONE RING circus down there in Miami. I will NOT be surprised to see you guys in the Finals once again.

          You’re 3 RING CIRCUS in Cockston will then go down to our 10 RING CIRCUS in Kobe and Fish! Your Celd!cks are old and frail and will lose to our Lakers ONCE AGAIN!

          FCUK THE MIAMI HEAT!!!!
          FCUK LeRun Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          FCUK WAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          FCUK B!TCH BOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          AND FCUK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rio Rondo

            dude grew up you curse way to much have some class


            OMG! You spell like a 1st grader! I can’t believe that you’re gonna be going into the 14th grade at Rio Hondo! It’s “Dude, GROW up. You curse way TOO much. Have some class.”

            You wrote 11 words and you’ve misspelled 2 and missed 3 periods. You suck!

            And what do you know about “CLASS”? You obviously need to keep attending them Rio WrongDo, because you are an illiterate inbred degenerate! Go back to the backward town of Cockston @$$achusetts where you belong you FCUK!



            Please Rio WrongDo… make some sense dude! This is NOT a slam! This is genuine concern! I’ve no idea what you’re sayin and I’m positive that I’m not the only one. I actually like you comin on here and makin a fool outta yourself and it gives all of us a chance to FCUK with a Cockston fan, but it’s really only fun if we can understand your posts! Just take a deep breath and type slowly and make some sense!

            GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • PRLaker

          you’re commin for us, is that suposed to scare us or something, good luck, you’ll need it.

          • 242LakerFan

            I think he meant “comin'”, or he might have meant “common”. He might even have meant “cummin'”. You never know. It all depends on what he misspelled to come up with “commin”.

          • Rio Rondo

            lol this guys pleases dont be so mean to me common its not my fault you guys are 1 championship behind from boston

  • Robert.

    He said favorite ‘player’, NOT favorite LAKER. Title is misleading. It first made me think he prefers Kobe over Magic. I’m sure he has ‘mixed feelings’ about Magic, but I doubt he would say that (Kobe is his favorite Laker) in public.

  • 24allup inya

    Larry bird’s opinion, quite frankly does not matter to me!!!

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      That’s because you lack knowledge of greatness and history in this sport.

      • BE_A_LakerFan

        Cosign Cookies

      • 242LakerFan

        Ditto that.

      • 24allup inya

        And because a former great says something i should care? no! i knew Kobe was the best! i dont need a legend to come out and give his opinion! Jerry west said Lebron has surpassed Kobe as a player.Do you agree with that? I dont! You lack the dicipline of just letting people voice their own opinions!

        • sedale_3

          I bet Kobe cares, there is no greater compliment than one made by a peer and former great…

        • 242LakerFan

          No one denied you the right to your opinion. We just exercised our right to disagree with it and to postulate as to why your opinion sucks so mightily.

          • tHE ONE!

            i agree with allup inya, Larry Bird is just bullshiting and probably ran out of things to say to the media…you dont expect him to say Magic is his favorite Laker or player, whatever the case was….and i definitely think Jery West was on something when he said that about Lebron and that if he ever said it cause ive never heard it…

  • More Cookies 4 Kob

    Larry Legend mirrors Kobe in many ways; his toughness, work ethic, passion, the trash talking, swagger and approach to the game is near identical to Kobe’s approach.
    For Birdy to give Kob a compliment like this is on a level far beyond honorary. It’s greatness recognizing greatness.

    • TheLakerGenera11

      nice post cookies..the funny thing is out of all the people Kobe has met and called he never spoke to Larry Legend…I would argue that to your point Larry was beloved but it wasn’t as if he forced this charisma on you he just wanted to play and beat the snot out of you a la Kobe is very cool that Bird gives props 2 Kob, bc with this new breed of NBA players about to take over the league and throwback players are watching in disappointment saying when Kobe is gone who do we have left?? Kobe makes a Boat load of $$ but it’s all about BASKETBALL nothing else…for this new breed it’s commercials, sitcom appearances movies, everything but BB that’s crazy man… For a historic standpoint I hope Kobe not only gets a 6th ring but against that Miami team.


        Well said, and I agree with both of you. I’m not even worried about the ‘3 STOOGES’ in Miami! I’ll be even less worried when we sign Bell to our Lakers.

        The only thing worse than a self proclaimed king is… 3 self proclaimed kings!

        FCUK Moe, Larry, and Curly! Our ‘Little Rascals’ will take care of them when the time comes. Alfalfa, Spanky, Froggy, Buckwheat, Spike, Porky, and Butch will show the ‘3 STOOGES’ what’s up!

        GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Y.

    Well said. There is no need to panic. With hard work/effort, Lakers will make it to the finals again. Talent is not everything. Similarly, Miami’s trio does not guarantee a championship.

  • Robert.

    OK, I’m commenting on the ‘quote’ from Bird, not the TITLE of this blog (which is not accurate).
    Bird’s comment is ‘essential’, because he (like others, including Alvin Gentry, SVG, etc.) know that Kobe is the best player in the league. Bird is ALSO slighting LeBron by this comment. Without saying that LeBron was a punk for doing his move the way he did, he’s saying that Kobe is superior to LeBron (which we all know anyway, but it’s good to have TRUE BASKETBALL LEGENDS tell it like it is, rather than the F***ED up sports media like ESPN, etc., propping up LeBron all those years, only to see them fall on their faces).

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    That’s cool of Larry saying that…

  • trippleocho

    That last sentence is the $h!t.

  • lakers0828

    Well the Only Celtic I have Respect for is Larry Bird or Bill Russel but im not Surprised bird would say that about Kobe I mean its not Like All the Hall of Famers have come out of no where Takeing Shots at Lebron and Prasing Kobe Bryant

  • LAKERFAN2010

    TLN a bit slow today? Farmar is going to the Nets just got a text from

  • lakeb

    larry actually said kobe is his favorite PLAYER in general

  • Jas

    As much as I hate the Celtics in competition, I respect them as true competitors of this sport.

    Lebron James….I PURELY Hate! Nothing to respect him at all! Such a true embarassment to this wonderful sport!

    Go C’s (when the Celtics are going against the Heat)!!!

    • PRLaker

      i agree, i dont feel any hate for the celtics of past, i do hate the celtics as a organization, but prinsess james, i just hate him, i trully believe he is overrated.

  • lakers and boston repeat

    I predict that lakers and boston will have rematch in the finals again… i dont think heat have a chance to win a championship.

  • OJ Snubbs

    Yea I think they likely will. Boozer, Amar’e.. Bulls, Hawks, Knicks trying to re-invent themselves nipping at their toes all year

  • The Real T-Mac

    the only celtic i can truly give props to is larry bird, put the hate ish aside, larry bird was the ish in the 80s

  • Marc Spector

    That’s major props. From one legend to another. Larry’s on point with it. As much as we hate the Celtics, the Heat are NOT getting past them.

  • DCLakeshow

    Magic made me love this sport, and with the amount of respect that he’s always had for Bird…it was kind of hard for me not to have the same. Let me say this though…I really don’t think the Heat will make it to the finals, but I am kind of hoping we meet there. Although I have mad respect for Wade… I DETEST Lebron, I mean…I have NEVER despised any sports figure as much as I do him. So…I would love to see Kobe and the boys damage that huge ego/ ESPN imposed legacy. ….but that’s just me.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Dang Hedo Turkoglu is gone… to the Suns… man… what’s up with this? I’m getting discouraged. Are the Lakers doing anything to getting a pure shooter? Dr Buss and Mitch we need shooters!!!

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    To add from my last comment Sasha and Luke sux… as shooters. They are very inconsistent… man… we lost Mike Miller, Anthony Morrow, and just now Hedo Turkolgu… What’s up Mitch?

    • DCLakeshow

      Yeah…I hear ya..and I’m getting as worried as you….BUT Mitch has to look at more than just filling in holes. He has to worry about getting younger, and planning for the next generation as Kobe, Pau and the rest get older. Hedo, Raja, Tracy are all short term plugs. Mike would have been cool, but I think he showed his colors when not taking our offer.

      • LakErS 3 pEaT

        DCLakeshow I was thinking about Jason Kapono. He’s a good wingman and he’s from Long Beach one of our own. He’s only 29 years old and I think he’s even better then Miller. I hope Mitch and Dr Buss are considering him… Do a sign and trade with Sasha & Luke’s contract for him and maybe a first pick for 2012?

        • LakErS 3 pEaT

          I don’t know… maybe… just a thought… I hope it comes true… besides he’s 6’8″ and good for the triangle.

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    T-Mac hogs the ball plus he’s injury prone. Raja Bell just had a wrist surgery… C’mon… Mitch? We need decent wingmen on the team. Please not Sasha or Luke. C’mon…

  • KING

    Larry Legend speaks the truth and i agree with those who have said that he see’s alot of his game in kobes, the work ethic, heart, shooting, etc…

  • gameplan

    now it’s down to kobe n jordan for the greatest ever argument, and kobe n durant for the mvp race 2011.

  • edsel

    look men, more legends pick Kobe over Le-bug.

    including Bird’s, forget bout Magic he’s kinda like Le-bug more because Magic sees himself in Le-bug, all the fun, the camera before the games, that Le-bug smile pattern from Magic. He sees in Le-bug the sport also needs to be fun. But Bird on the contrary sees in the dropped jaw, scary look, unwavering focus, of kobe, himself, and believe’s that the game should only be fun after winning it all.

    so making the analogy. Le-bug maybe Magic, but Kobe is Bird. ironic isn’t, considedering that Magic is Kobe’s favorite player growing up.

    With all due respect though, MJ the GOAT, just picked Kobe over Lebron just recently(search for that in youtube) in that my friend is all the statement needed to why really Kobe is the greatest of this generation.

    and yah, it is the greatest recognizing soon to be greatest.

  • lakeb

    PLEASE change the title, larry said kobe was his favorite player, not favorite laker. the title does not go with the quote AT ALL!

  • lakers24/7

    You guys need to post Jordan conveying that Kobe is better than Lebron.