Stephanie Rice w/ Kobe Bryant (

Kobe Bryant recently sat down with Laker Nation’s own David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers.

In part 3 of 4 of their sit down conversation, Bryant discusses Team vs. Individual competition, his appreciation of the training schedule of one Michael Phelps, and much more!

Bryant also talks about how he is a fan of the more non-traditional sports at the Olympics:

Kevin Figgers: What is it about the off-color sports that intrigue you so much?

Kobe Bryant: Well you have a certain amount of appreciation for what they do because obviously to get at this elite level there has to be something in them that makes them the best at what they do, whether be it mental, be it physical, be it the preparation, there’s something about them and you know I really came to know some of the synchronized swimmers, some of our equestrian riders, archers, stuff like that as we’re walking to opening ceremonies in Beijing and all of us US athletes are walking together and that’s a great time to get to know some of them and start talking about some of their sports and it was just extremely interesting to me.

In addition, Bryant recently met up with the Australian swim team. He posed for a picture with, 3-time Olympic Gold medalist, Stephanie Rice. Read more over on Kobe’s Official Facebook.

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