Glad to hear that Kobe is inspiring other superstars from different leagues! Maybe learning something from the Zen Master, no?

L.A. Times: Forum Blue and Gold/NBC Los Angeles’s Kurt Helin (who got wind of the news through the New York Times) recently wrote a piece about Kobe Bryant buoying the spirits of Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young through a series of texts. The timing of these messages happened to coincide with Young getting back on field and steadily regaining his footing, and the QB has expressed gratitude for 24’s concern.

I asked Kobe after Tuesday’s game against the Hornets about what prompted the interaction with Young. Here’s what he had to say:

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  • bc18


  • Robert

    uninspirational audio. I hear your q’ns, but Kobe’s answers are difficult to hear. Can you re-post vid with increase in volume?

  • Kid Kaos 310

    I love Vince Young, the guys a winner. He may not have the highest Football IQ, but he know how to win games, especially the important games. Hope the Titans can upset the Colt this weekend, and if they do, much praise to Kobe for his tutelage and inspiration towards Vince Young. (Chris Johnson is a baller too)


    It’s good to see Kobe doing this kind of stuff. It most def shows his maturity as a player but more so, a person. It’s gotta be inspiring and motivational if your a athelete struggling, to get a text with words of advice from a person who is not known to really go out of his way to reach out to someone to offer some encouragement.