Unlike a year ago, the Lakers star makes no public calls for a change in the team’s personnel. He also says the NBA Finals loss to the Celtics still stings, but ‘I bounce back quickly.’

L.A. Times: Kobe Bryant left Lakers headquarters today in a much better mood than a year ago, when he was obviously unhappy with the team’s management.

He didn’t offer, at least in public, any calls for a change. Just a smile at a job (almost) completed.

“I’m comfortable with what we have,” Bryant said, when asked if the management team led by General Manager Mitch Kupchak had personnel moves to make this off-season. “Whatever Mitch decides to do, he decides to do.”

Already, he said, the bitterness of the Lakers losing to the Celtics in the NBA Finals is drifting away.

“I bounce back pretty quickly,” Bryant said. “Not to say the loss doesn’t sting, because it does and it will, but I bounce back quickly.”

Bryant will head off to Las Vegas next week for practice with the U.S. Olympic team. After the Beijing Games, he said, he will have surgery on his injured right pinkie.

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    Radmonivic/Walton/Newble 4 Artest/L.Wright anyday!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • magicbalala245

    i think they cut of his quote. He meant to say “‘I’m comfortable with what we have when we acquire Ron Artest” :)

    C Pau
    PF Odom
    SF Artest
    SG Bryant
    PG Fisher

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    i think your forgetting bynum there bud…

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    glad kobe’s making it clear that he’s content =)