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It’s been three full months – a fourth of an entire year – since the Lakers last suited up to take on the Mavs in Game 4 of Western Conference Semi’s. Now 41 days into the NBA Lockout and we’re doing write-ups on stories like this…

Kobe Bryant was spotted at the Happy Nails Salon in Newport Beach last week to get some, eh, therapy on that troublesome shooting hand.

There are three things that disturb me about this:

(1) I just sourced TMZ.
(2) I just did a write-up on Kobe getting a man-pedi.
(3) I just typed mani-pedi.

The summer months in the NBA usually produce some newsworthy stories. Last summer was historically active with the Decision (and the narcissistic events that followed), Amar’e packing his bags for New York and dozens of relevant player and coach movement.

This off-season, well… I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce Besiktas, writing articles about World Peace going to the UK, and now, reporting on the Happy Nails Salon in Newport Beach.

I think I speak for all of us when I say: Please end this lockout and hurry back, NBA.

  • Anonymous

    OMF’nG!!!!!! This lockout better get resolved and pretty damned quick! I don’t think I’d be able to sustain even my current level of sanity in a world where THIS is considered NBA news!!!!!!!!!!

    This just in! Kevin Durant brushed his teeth last night after eating a steak dinner with green beans and scalloped potatoes!

    Newsflash! D-Wayde reports that his last bowel movement was “very satisfactory”!

    GOD HELP US!!!

  • Nate

    The nba needs to stay in lockout until we get that skumbag stern outta the driving seat 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, couldn’t be more spot on.

  • whuuuu

    omggg i am so deprived of the nba !

  • laffsatu

    if that was lebron getting his nails done he be getting destroyed..all kobe needs is a purse and some ear-rings

    • Laffs_is_a_Tool

      He’s wants to make sure the nails look good when he flips you the finger it’ll look nice, you fucker!

      • laffsatu

        are you his personal ball wash?

  • Jayereid

    omg  what a waste of tim article,whose buisness is it if kobeants to get a mani?yall should get a life.

  • Rhy regwr

    if u have the cash to make someone do yoyr nails then thats cool. it looks better. even guys gotta have pretty hands!

  • Wadehutch

    Lets hope there is no lockout so there will be no more articles about Kobes manicures!
    Dang Kobe with all that $$ you make homie, you should have somebody come to your pad to do that-LOL                      LAKERS 4 LIFE!     

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