In likely the most bizarre post we’ve had on this site in maybe 4 years, Kobe Bryant put a beating on rapper/actor Bow Wow. After a bet that was placed during Shannon Brown’s wedding, Kobe took on friend of producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri with rights to Dupri’s latest single on the line against a pair of Lakers season tickets. Bow Wow decided to throw himself into the fire… probably not a wise decision. Bow Wow bet rights to his next single, needless to say he didn’t score a bucket. Bow Wow then requested a re-match with a thousand dollars on the line, jump shots only — same outcome. Kobe then distributed his winnings to his Kobe Basketball Academy staff members. Video below, language warning…

By the way, Kobe spotted his opponent 10 points in every game. First to 11 wins.

  • PricelessT

    too funny! cant wait to hear the singles lol

  • LakerLiker

    Hilarious! Bow Wow just has money to blow! Kam that must’ve been cool to witness. Kobe is relentless no matter who the opponent. LOL.

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  • Anonymous

    I was there

  • 242LakerFan

    Kobe’s jumper is MIA just like against Dallas

  • online sports betting

    Bow Wow barked at the wrong tree. lol

  • laffsatu

    bow wow should of went for his knees,kobes as soft as a Q-TIP.

    • rondo

      just like you gayer than a stone cold faggot

    • Anonymous

      you would have went to your knees :p

      • Bnnychains


  • Anonymous

    Yup. Teach the young man a little respect.

  • Tsmooth

    what more can ya say the guy can do it all… i think next when he hangs up the sneakers he should toss his hat into acting, he could be bigger than Will Smith.

  • Bnnychains

    I’ve heard bow can ball but its street ball and if you’ve played against even a D league player it’s a whole different world, which is probably where Bow Wow felt he was while playing the Mamba.  

  • Manager

    That’s the best he can do since they got their AS_ _ _ _, beat by Dallas~!!!!!!!!  (hahahaha)~!  That’s like taking candy from one of his girls~!!!!!!  CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!

    • Meeh

      aha, very original, always the same. 

    • whatever

      I guess that helped you to sleep better at night

  • Guest

    Bow wow hit his prime in Like Mike

  • Bigdiamond

    Can Kobe Rap,sing or act? Lets see him win in Bow Wow’s profession

  • Freshnate360

    lol see how kobe was missing shots? thats what happens when you don’t warm up. does were shots kobe could make no problem

  • Elizabeth24

    My 2 favorite ppl Bow wow & Kobe Bryant <3