Kobe becomes the youngest player in NBA history to score 26,000 points early in the third quarter.

  • Showtime4eva

    Anther mile stone for the G.O.A.T

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    since he can`t shot 50% no matter what..thats around 260,000,00,00,missed shots.G.O.A.T really ???tnot in DENVER.he shrinks aganist strong teams, feeds off the weak like most people in LOS ANGELES

    • Paul

      lol @ you laffsatu

      Because Jordan never lost against strong teams right?

      Oh wait..

    • “laffs atu”

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    • Showtime4eva

      How’s that elbow?looks like it’s taking a turn for the worse.

  • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

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    • laffs atu!

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  • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

    lebron’s, to be exact

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      • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

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  • lakers0828

    Before Kobe is Done he will Have Broken Kareem Record and become the Greatest Scorer of all Time

    • Robert.

      If Kobe averages 27 points/year, it will take him about 4 1/2 years (starting now) to get to Kareem’s record. This is including playoff games (an extra 16 games).
      So … I’m sure he’s going to get there.
      He just has to get over this injury (it looks like the healing is taking a little longer – but nobody knows, because they’re not allowed to bring it up with him anymore).