Recently there has been a lot of criticism out there on Kobe Bryant’s play. A lot have pegged him as having a “bad” NBA Finals. Yet I thought I should point out a few things…

  • Kobe is averaging 30/8 in these finals; something only West and Jordan have done before.
  • Kobe’s numbers are better than “the best player on earth‘s” Paul Peirce’s from last NBA Finals (21.8 points, 6.3 assists and 4.5 rebounds on 43% shooting).
  • Kobe is averaging (33/8/5.5 on 43% shooting, so far).
  • 8 Assists in 6 straight playoff games has been done by one other Laker – Magic Johnson.
  • 5.5 boards in the Finals isn’t bad either for a Shooting Guard.
  • Dave

    Paul “Magic Wheelchair” Pierce is watching at home from his “Magic Couch”

  • 242LakerFan

    U know, it’s funny, when KB is trying to do it all himself, having no one around to help him, and LOSING, he seems to get more respect than when he’s being a great teammate, making everyone better and ABOUT TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP! Those are terrific numbers, yet Odom, Ariza, Pau, even Fish could conceivably get FMVP votes. And still no props for THE MAN, KB24.

  • ytrewq

    pretty good

  • JC

    M.V.P!! M.V.P!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    I agree with 242LakerFan. It just seems that Kobe does not get the respect he deserves. No worries, though. Kobe really doesn’t care what they think. He is so focused on the prize. I haven’t seen this kind of focus since a guy who wore #23 in Chicago. He is willing this team to victory and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching each and every game over the past two years. KB24 Finals MVP!!!

  • BEC

    Kobe is obviously always over criticized but I can see where a lot of it is coming. Kobe has played good basketball in this series. His best ball though? Not really. From a play making point of view he is doing a great job finding his teammates which is why hes avg 8ast, but from an offensive shooting view 43% isn’t good and is below average for Kobe. Which is where most if not all criticism is coming from. For the most part he’s done a good job picking his spots and his shot selection is good. He’s had a lot of good looks that he’s missed and obviously there’s always bad ones here and there, its Kobe, but for the most part he has done good.

    Kobe usually shoots roughly close to 50% through most of playoffs and in the finals people are expecting Kobe to raise his game to another level, because it is the finals, but he hasn’t really done that. Which causes the criticism/hate. Orlando has been really good at pushing Kobe off the block and deep outside to the perimeter where Orl can see, react, and better defend him, which is a big reason why he shot 11-31 last game, and Kobe knew that after the game, that’s a team as a whole to blame though.

    Bottom line is though Kobe Bryant has lead this team to a 3-1 lead and is playing good enough ball to win. Thats all that matters cuz at the end of the day stats/numbers don’t matter, its all about whether you win or lose, and Kobe’s winning.

  • will

    he’s averaging 33 ppg. FYI

  • Frelsi

    Man, all those haters…They are always trying to make Kobe look bad, even if he’s playing good and keeping the team in the game. This hating thing reached a level where the criticism doesn’t make any sense.
    By the way, there are a lot of non-called fouls on KB24 in this playoffs. Sometimes, it really looks like the refs hate KB too.

    But it doesn’t matter. Lakers in 5!

  • 43% Shooting?

    Kobe missed 20 shots in game 4. Got embarrassed by Hedo in game 2 and got straight ripped by a center in game 3.

    yeah…. he’s having a great series!


    [Comment ID #75873 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He will be the MVP CELDICK FAN. Get use to it.

  • Robert

    Kobe is breaking records again! He will be the first (since Olajuwon) to win a championship without another top 50 player on the team (and, there’s no one else, including MJ and Magic, who have done it without a top 50 player as a teammate). Pau is an All-Star, and that counts for something, but Kobe is ‘carrying’ the team and doing what LeBron could only wish he could do. Outside of the ‘puppet’ commercials, we don’t see the Kobe vs. LeBron anymore. Kobe > LeBron. It should be that way for a while. Just wait till next year, when Kobe gets a FULL SUMMER of rest (unlike last year, w/the Olympics). We will also get another player on the Lakers, who will help us ‘fine tune’ and seal up any of the holes in this year’s team (not many holes, actually!). Lakers will rule for many years to come.

  • Hey, MR ON UR Cok

    just because Kobe is having one of the worst performances ever, for someone that is supposed to be the greatest baller on the planet, does not mean everyone is a celtic fan.

    That Hedo swat was PRICELESS!!!


    [Comment ID #75893 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You must be a celdick fan. Watch kobe go for 50 tomorrow and they will be chanting MVP in Orlando as they did in Boston. I bet you were there you celdick fan. KOBE RULES!!! KOBE IS MVP!!!!!

  • UR Dumb

    Kobe would have to shoot 100 times to get 50 points.


    [Comment ID #75940 Will Be Quoted Here]

    UR Cute. Wanna Play?

  • go lakers

    altough kobe has been struggling shooting but he is still the best player because of is passing. and he needs to get more credit cuz hes like the coach. his the one talkin to the palyers and what they need to do lakers all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • BestBCuzofPASSING??????

    what? Kobe is the best ever because of passing?????

    lakers fans are COMEDY!

    And for the dude that likes dudes….. NO… I only play with girls!

  • lakers2009champions

    kobe is averaging 33/8.. get your facts straight dude

  • DontBIgnorant

    my facts are straight. Learn to understand what you be reading.

    43% Shooting?
    Jun 13th, 2009 at 10:57 am

    Kobe missed 20 shots in game 4. Got embarrassed by Hedo in game 2 and got straight ripped by a center in game 3.

  • Frelsi

    [Comment ID #76037 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Man, you must be on dope to be that stupid!
    All this hate is just blinding you from the truth.
    Can you really read?
    Kobe is having, ’till the game four, the same FG%
    of “heroic-and-talking-to-angels-performance” of Paul Pierce
    last year.
    Seat back and learn what greatness is all about.

  • DontTakeItPERSONAL

    blind? meh…. you’re the blind fool that failed to see that choke job Kobe put up at the end of reg in game 2 and at the end of game 3.

    maybe after you’re done riding the lakers COCK, you may see the truth.