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With the NBA labor situation steadily climbing to its peak of uncertainty, Kobe Bryant is finally speaking out. This afternoon, he spoke with Yahoo! Sports.

“We need for the two sides to get together again before Wednesday, because we’re too close to getting a deal done. We need to iron out the last system items and save this from spiraling into a nuclear winter.”

Meanwhile, a rift between players continues to threaten the NBPA, and most importantly, the chances of an NBA season.

There are some, like Bryant, who believe a deal is on the doorstep and now is the time to bring it home and get a new CBA completed. Reportedly Lakers guard Steve Blake shares Kobe’s posture and has spent the last couple days attempting to rally support for an NBPA vote on the latest proposal.

On the other side is a growing contingent of unhappy players (and their agents) who are pushing for union decertification, a process that could potentially produce a better deal down the road. If executed, much of the labor battle would happen in legal courts, rather than a Manhattan hotel.

In order to decertify, 30% of active players would need to sign a petition, then following a 45-day period, a majority vote amongst the entire union would be needed. Many legal experts have speculated that a decertification would be “nuclear” and would almost certainly spell the end of the ’11-12 NBA season.

The only thing we know for sure is that the NBPA is scheduled to have a league-wide meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to weigh their options.

We ask you: Do you think the players should accept the owners latest proposal?

  • Derek Fisher

    yes they should!

  • Guest


  • LifeLongLakerFan


  • Angelo

    They need to. If they don’t they not only would lose an entire season not to mention an entire season of salary not just for the players but all those involved in each organization and to businesses that rely on the NBA for sustenance, but it would also mean the loss of fans, who I’m pretty sure are really frustrated right now.

  • Lakeshow1

    Hell yes, unless they want to ruin the NBA and there image forever as just overpaid greedy kids from the ghetto…

  • Baintowngal


  • Frank O

    Yes they should, lets get to work gentlemen, it’s time for you to “earn” you undeserving money

    • proud laker fan 40yrs

      And you deserve money what you are doing?  I’m sure you are overpaid because you have time to let your ignorance show.  Sorry that you have no talent to “earn” undeserving money.  By the way, green is your color:  envy!

  • Leo Verrett

    The players need to understand that the owners job is make money in order for them to get paid. Their job is to play ball basketball as much as we love it is a form of entertainment the players get paid a minimum of 750,000 dollars for six months out the year with the country being in a financial crisis I  have to agree with Lakeshow1 they are spoil ghetto kids and not every player will be able to play over seas.

    • proud laker fan 40yrs

      Every black player in the NBA is not from the ghetto.  Also, from the ignorance that you show, among black people, the ghetto is not a dig but a way of life.  We appreciate our ghetto and have experienced some proud moments from our ghetto brothers and sisters.  If the majority of black men are making money as a professional athelete, other races are up in arms about it because of their insecurities, ignorance, prejudices, and down right hatred.  Do we care?  Not at all!  God blessed us with talent that you and no other hatemonger can take away.  The professional players that are able to play overseas enjoy it because most of the fans are not bigoted idiots.