Image: Mark J. Terrill | AP

Kobe Bryant is now three months into his rehabilitation process for the torn Achilles tendon he suffered on April 12th.

In the YouTube video above, Heeluxe‘s Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray provides an in-depth look at Bryant’s injury, and the strenuous rehabilitation process required to get Bryant back into playing form.

Bryant’s initial timetable for his recovery was listed at six-to-nine months, but he may be ahead of schedule.

While vacationing in Italy on Saturday, Bryant had this to say about his rehabilitation:

“I’m here on vacation but I still have to work and improve on recovering from my injury,” said Bryant. “It is difficult because I can’t do much, but I am getting stronger every day and I am hoping to return by November or December.”

Contrary to Bryant’s cautious prediction, Lakers’ executive vice president of player personnel, Jim Buss, recently predicted an even earlier return for the Lakers’ star:

“I would bet a lot of money on him coming back in preseason,” Buss said during a recent broadcast of a Lakers’ Las Vegas Summer League game.

“He’s going to come back when he is right. I see him coming back at the beginning of this season.”

Whatever the case may be, Heeluxe’s Dr. Gray predicts that Bryant could certainly return in time for the start of next season:

“We know from the research that over 92% of all athletes will return to their sports within about six months,” Dr. Gray said. “Is it possible that Kobe Bryant could return in time for the start of the NBA season?”

“Certainly. So if there is ever an athlete that can rehab from a torn Achilles in time for the NBA season start, it’s going to be Kobe Bryant.”


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