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Kobe Bryant joined the Jim Rome Show on Monday morning. He was asked about the the trade of Lamar Odom, and how the team is dealing with all the drama of trade rumors.

Bryant had this to say when asked why he wanted another shot at winning a title with the same core:

Its tough man. As as a team we wanted to come back and avenge that loss [to the Mavs], and have that same group come back to do it. Shannon [Brown] is in Phoenix, and not only is Lamar [Odom] with another team he is with the Dallas [Mavericks].”

We’ll be better. We are one year removed from winning back-to-back championships. We have one year that we don’t win it, and all of sudden the roof is caving in.”

Rome also asked Bryant if he would of have been OK to the agreed deal that saw the Lakers trade Gasol and Odom for Chris Paul:

“That’s a tough one for me. I love Chris. He’s cold. He’s got that engine in him, he’s just got that motor in him. But that is a lot of length to be giving up.”

Odom ends his Lakers career with 519 games which ranks 18th in Lakers franchise history. Chris Paul has been rumored to go to the Los Angeles Clippers, but now it seems the league may nix that deal as well.

It is now clear that the Lakers roster will be different on Christmas Day. How much different? Only time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    The NBA has proven itself to be totally unfit as an owner and should be stripped of any oversight powers regarding the Hornets. Let the GM act as he sees fit. You’re not going to find anyone who wants to buy a team that you have allowed to stagnate and run itself into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    I would take my chances against a Tyson Chandler / JJ Barea less Mavs with the Lakers + Kapono. Keep in mind now we have a healthy Barnes. The only concern would be against Miami who now has +1 year experience.

  • Jeremy James

    Stern the jew has proven to the world that he indeed fixes everything. SHame

    • Chuckbrown0916

      I don’t like Stern but let’s keep your racism out of it please!

      • luess

        Judaism is not a race lol

    • Sweetjumper14

      hey that shit is ofessive

      • lilkobe24

        i was going to say the title was misleading too!


      What’s Stern’s religion have to do with this? (Providing he’s Jewish or any other religion) Its ignorant people like Mr. James that continue to judge people on their orientations rather than their deeds. Mr. Stern has committed a poorly justified approach to this trade and continues to cover it up with the Clippers deal as well. I hope the Player’s Association takes him to task for his decisions.

  • els92

    This headline is misleading. Kobe was referring to people who thought the Lakers needed to blow up their roster after losing to Dallas (Magic Johnson). He wasn’t talking about the current situation.

    • Room7seven

      For reals…Idiots need to learn how to write. This is exactly what is wrong with the media, trying to get more viewers by mis representation.

  • David2831g

    I hope the Buss family has something hidden up there sleeve because i dont see why giving Odom to Dallas is a good thing. So far it doesnt make sense to me.

  • Perezrob83

    im pissed off at this stupid “trade”.. how come stern didnt stop this 1??

    • Rasarx

      Stern only stops good trades.

  • bye bye brown

    Well our X-mas day starting lineup looks like this so far


    Remember Bynum is out for the first 5 games I say 2nd rd knock once again

  • Youknow20089

    This is a good trade because it saves Lakers money and it will allow Andrew Bynum who is entering his 6th season to have a break out year. There is no more triangle offense in LA and Andrew I am confident will have a larger role with the Team. In regards to the need at point guard names Andrew Goudelock from Charleston who is 6’2 and can shoot lights out with great ball handling skills. If you think Jimmer has range then you need to look up Andrew Goudelock on youtube. You heard it here first.

  • Youknow20089

    I meant to say that Lakers drafted a guard out of Charleston.

  • Youknow20089

    New Orleans will Fold. That is the plan Stern has.

    • Rasarx

      That means they’ll have to absorb millions in the contract obligations they have without getting a penny for a team that right now is worth hundreds of millions.

  • Kierreg

    Lamar To Dallas is one of the dumbest trades ive ever seen.. People don’t understand that lamar has a huge effect on the teams chemistry.. He was a big part of what they did and one of the most talented forwards ever and to deal him for nothing to a conference rival who swept us.. Just shows that management doesn’t kno what theyre doing.. Theyre roster is a mess no bench, besides kobe, pau and bynum there is nothing… No point guard… I havent been this disappointed with a team in a while.. Phil would of never allowed these things to happen

  • Rasarx

    This is the latest on the Odom trade, from Kupchak: “General manager Mitch Kupchak says the Los Angeles Lakers traded Lamar Odom to Dallas only because he demanded to leave town after another deal fell through last week.”

    I have to agree with Kobe.  Looks like they pretty much gave Odom away without getting equal value.  Lots of people demand trades.  When was the last time the Lakers listened?  A few years ago Kobe demanded one.  Did the Lakers trade him away?  The thing is trades are done all the time but unless you’re trying to get rid of someone you try to get equal value for them.

    Ironically, Odom came to LA in another lopsided trade in which the Lakers didn’t get equal value, and as a result they languished for 3 years.  In 2004 the Lakers gave Shaq away and got 4 players, including Brian Grant and his 45 million/3 year contract.  A year later they gave him the remaining 30 million on his contract and released him.  

    I think while Jerry Buss is in the hospital his son is mismanaging again and Kupchak is going along.
    Read more:

  • 123kid

    My theory behind all this is that Mitch and the FO have a whole number of possibilities that they can do and a lot of them dont necessarily mean to just strictly go after Dwight. Plus I think they are trying to figure out what the Magic want to do. As of right now, we really dont have much leverage to pull off the Dwight trade, especially with Bynum out for 5 games. Therefore, I think the Lakers are 1st trying to see what options they have with the money they have gotten from the Lamar trade and seeing if any FA’s would take that sort of money that are PFs or Cs. If they feel nothing is available, I think they still push to Otis Smith that with getting Bynum even with his suspension, he is completely healthy and that he can be their future center piece. Plus they mention that we will take on Hedo or even JJ. And lastly, you wait it out for the few couple of games and let them see how our rookies our doing, to help them steer away from Pau. Then if they dont bite, I say you look for other combinations that would get us a Center with a guard thats decent at the moment but has strong potential. 

    • Rasarx

      The problem with that theory is the rest of the league is not going to sit around and wait until the Lakers pieces fall into place before they make their moves.  Everyone is making their pitch and their moves now.  With less than 2 weeks left to go everyone is going to snap up all the top free agents they can grab.  The Lakers do NOT have the luxury of time. They would have been better off having made one of their major trades first before getting rid of the Odom piece.  Not all teams are looking for the trade exception the Lakers earned from dumping Odom.  That’s why the move so quickly didn’t make sense.

      Maybe the FO knows something now that they haven’t let on yet, and so we’ll have to reserve judgment until all the dust has settled.  But believe me, if the Howard deal does not happen, this Odom move is going to look really boneheaded

      • 123kid

        I dont want the Lakers to just sit pat, but I think you gotta look at things as you have to multi-task. If you work on the players you have and better them, while you look for trades and you kinda paint a picture for the Magics, so they send Dwight, then it works in the Lakers favor. As of right now, everyone but Kobe is scared for their job as a Laker and I think it only brings out more motivation. And I know the Magics want both Drew and Pau, but obviously its on the FO to decide if thats the best deal they should take. IMO, I think the FO wants to steer away the Magics from doing so. Therefore, if I was the FO, I lay it out on the table what would it take for you (the Magics) to accept just Drew and fillers and the trade exemption for Dwight. If they say, well we want Drew and Pau, then I paint them a picture of how they have fillers who will become future prospects and that are possible sleeper picks, like an E. Banks ala Ariza type who has defense and offense, like a Caracter though injured, can be that banger and boards type of player. And then isnt that we have draft picks as well that couple be also good, especially in a predicted loaded draft in 2012. Then if they dont take the bait, I say if they want Pau and Drew, then ask for Dwight and snatch up Daniel Orton (an unproven PF that could possibly turn into a great player if worked upon).

  • Mr Laker19

    My favorite movie is the God Father…. This would be like if Don Corleone passed on the throne to Frato… Jim Buss is not fit to run the family… I mean the Lakers

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