This is awesome. Sounds like Kobe is set to lead our entire country and bring back the Gold this summer. He’s earning a lot of respect through his peers as well…

Yahoo! Sports: Meanwhile, a few steps down the hall in an adjacent ballroom, another Yankees fan sat in front of his own set of cameras. Kobe Bryant’s questioners numbered about half as those surrounding James and none of them asked him about New York’s transit system or the name of his favorite rapper. (A guess: Not Shaq.)

James was King of New York on this day, and likely will stay such for some time. Bryant didn’t seem to mind being upstaged, nor should he. His fiefdom remains intact. Make no mistake: As brilliantly as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul have played, as much as this young generation of NBA stars has emboldened USA Basketball, this Redeem Team, these Olympics, belong to Kobe.

Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball’s managing director, and his coach, Mike Krzyzewski, can talk all they want about three-year commitments and chemistry. If he’s lucky, Coach K might even be able to mine another Amex commercial from this gig. But they also know better. This Olympic team has a better chance to bring home the gold medal because it has Kobe Bryant. The failed squads from the 2002 World Championships, ’04 Olympics and ’06 Championships didn’t.

Bryant won’t carry a captain’s title for Team USA because Krzyzewski has no plans to name captains. Bryant and James, he said, are natural leaders. Their teammates already know who to follow.

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  • lakerschamps08

    yup great article… kobes the senoir….

  • lakers2000

    Kobe has always been my favorite player since the first time I saw him playing against Shareef Abdur Rajim in a cast. I told my wife that he was going to be the man someday. I’m so glad I was right! I am pulling for him and the team big time. Go USA!!!! I am also hoping Lakers managements surprises us with some good acquisitions this off season. Time to conquer the world Kobe. Go Lakers!!!

  • Thomas

    Wasn’t this obvious? Kobe is the best player on the best team in the world and as we all witnessed last season he has stepped up his leadership among the Lakers and that has lead him to command the leadership of the players on Team USA. LeBron is still too young to command that kind of respect among a team of stars, he’s extremely talented; don’t get me wrong, but he’s just not mature enough. Lets Go Team USA!!!

  • e

    great article

  • CD3

    Kobe is the man, no doubt! It’s amazing how those superstars (even James) respect our man and follow his lead. It’s such a shame that shaq is pulling his own stunt to get some attention. Kobe continues to show some class..keep it up, Kobe!

  • Peanut Butter Spread

    I knew it too the moment Kobe Bryant set foot in LA that he was going to be one of the best players to ever play the game. No one can deny his passion and hard work night in night out to play the game.

    But anyone annoyed that Ludden just had to add that last bit:

    “Though Shaq recently mocked him during an improvised rap performance here, Bryant has continued to deflect all questions on the subject – even if he’s privately dying to launch his own freestyle rebuttal, as one person close to him insists.”

    I mean, why bother putting “one person close to him,” if you’re not going to name the source? It just sounds so bogus and made up, no better than a gossip column. Who is it? His brother that doesn’t exist? His grandma? His 2 year old daughter? His dog, Fendi? I mean seriously. NAME THE FREAKING SOURCE.

  • Whatsa

    Kobe’s the effin best.

  • Thuggishdeer

    why isnt anyone talking about signing mo evans??? hes a free agent and a leader of the bench mob hes an excellent back up for kobe and he knows our triangle so wtf?

  • lakers2000

    I agree with the unwarranted Shaq reference. Why do writers continue to throw monkey wrenches at Kobe? Who gives a $hit about Shaq or what he thinks. He has screwed up his image while trying to drag down Kobe. Go team USA!!!

  • lakers2000

    why isnt anyone talking about signing mo evans??? hes a free agent and a leader of the bench mob hes an excellent back up for kobe and he knows our triangle so wtf?

    Why?? He already showed that he wasn’t successful with our system. Soft player as well.

  • domidomdomz

    Way to go kobe. Im supporting team USA for the upcoming basketball olympics since they are my 2nd fave team, next to the Philippines. Too bad, we did not make it to the qualifying rounds for asia. Next olympics, i hope we’ll have a shot.

    Go Philippines!

    Go USA!