Kobe Bryant is torching the Cavs in the first half. He’s also torched a lot of players and teams in his career as he becomes the youngest to ever reach the 25,000 points milestone He is also just the 15th player in NBA history to score, 25,000 points. It came on the first of two free throws at the 3:00 mark of the second quarter against the Cavs.

Though exciting for the Kobe Bryant fans around the world, it is an indifferent milestone for the Mamba reaching the 25,000-point plateau.

“No,” Bryant said when asked if the milestone means anything to him. “It’s not something I think about at all.”

  • manderoth

    congratulation Mamba!! btw. great work on twitter Chris!

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Its a shame it came in a loss. Is it me or do most of these milestones players reach come on a loss. Dirk reached 20,000 points in a loss to us.
    Oh well, Kobe, 26,000 points will come in a win. I guarantee it.

  • Randy’s Donuts

    Congrats to the one dude that shows up every game, never gets fukin punked, and plays every game like it’s his last!

    • Matt from Dallas


  • barryc

    earth to kobe: when you hit a milestone, the idea is to keep scoring, not go 5 of 20 for the rest of the game, losing a game that was winnable.

    • lakerman1

      So its Kobes fault huh. He tried his best sir. If Pau could have made the two clutch freethrows the game would have been tied bringing about different circumstances and Kobe could have possibly pulled it off. Don’t blame one player sir its a team effort. Truth is the Cavaliers were more physical. Kobe is playing through a Myriad of injuries how in the world can you blame him.

  • LakeShowAllDay

    we want harris

  • drive-for-16th

    LETS DUMP FARMAR, AND GET HARRIS. KOBE HAD GOOD FIRST HALF BUT HEY GAMES ARENT WON IN ONE HALF. I hope pau and all those tools go kill them selves rather than play gay with no heart NOTHING and lose

  • Robert

    Congrats to Kobe. I’m sure it didn’t matter to him as much without a W. I turned off the set after this game, cause I didn’t want to hear the media hoist up the King, LeBrick, their new hero. I almost hope he does get MVP this year, so Kobe can get MVP in the Finals (again) when we beat them (and, where it counts).
    Also, get rid of the friggin’ puppets. They’re just annoying now (well, they were always annoying, but especially so because of this loss to the Cavs).

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      We have to wait for an episode to come out that LeBron doesnt like so he can tell Nike to confiscate it and stop the puppets.

      • lakerman1

        I enjoy them because Lebron is being punked by Kobe in everyone of the commercials and there is nothing Lebron can do about it becase Nike owns him. Knowing Lebron and his Ego i would not be surprised if he switched to another shoe sponsor maybe Keds or Puma.