This is pretty cool… Good to know that Kobe has much popularity outside the States as he has in his home of Los Angeles.

Yahoo! Sports: This was the oddity of the night. Behind the Chinese president and the entire national team, the one athlete who appeared to get the loudest ovation was none other than Kobe Bean Bryant. The moment was so odd that even U.S. journalists were looking at each other in puzzlement. The Russian, Chinese and American presidents were here, but Kobe was the head of state tonight.

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But the one thing we all learned is Kobe (Bryant) is the most popular player here, maybe the most popular athlete at the Olympics. The crowd was chanting his name, “Kobe, Kobe,” and the volunteers who were supposed to be guiding us were trying to get autographs. It is so out of control with Kobe that LeBron James cracked, “I thought I was famous until I got here with Kobe.” Kobe is big here in China.

  • jamaicans-for-KOBE

    well it’s KOBE the GOAT……
    lakers all day….

  • lakers4life

    is there a video?

  • yellowpurplefever

    Lebron Who? KOBE is the “MAN”! David SShtern eat your heart out! Next season Shhtern gonna kiss Kobe’s A$$, guarantee!!

  • kb24 4life

    hey, is espn2 also broadcasting the usa games at te olympics??

  • Kobe2k9

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    all olympic stuff will be on NBC owned stations like the bravo channel, USA CHANNEL, AND LOCAL NBC, but i know some cable and satellite companies have added channels specifically for the olympics and one of them was straight all basketball, but local nbc will broadcast all USA BBALL

  • lakerschamps09

    man i was waitin all day for to see usa team and i missed cuz off lil bro.. soo anyone have a video??? pleaseee

  • gmikan99

    Found this on YouTube. Not good quality, but here it is

    There should be better quality vids later.

  • ab4sure

    It was hard to tell who got the most cheers so I guess you had to be there.

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    That’s KB24 for you =).

  • borsche28

    the ralph polo gear with the big logo was a good look for them. now it will only look better with gold.

    i thought it was funny how the other athletes from different countries wanted to take pictures with kobe while they had to wait till all the countries got to the field.

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Kobe is obviously number one in the world. When the news first came out that he would consider playing oversees, I did not give it much of a chance of happening. However, I could see Kobe leaving after next summer to play in Italy and be a part owner. Actually he already owns part of a team in Italy. This could happen and the NBA had better wake up! This talk may be all positioning for more money but I do not think so.
    Good for Kobe and potentially bad for the Lakers. Lets face it Laker Nation the people most Loyal to the Lakers are the Laker Nation Fans. Our loyalty comes from our hearts not our wallets. Players come and go, some because of trades, retirement, or free agency, but Laker Nation Fans are for Life.
    Players today are not just the position they play they are corporations. Corporations are global. American Basketball is global. It will be in the near future where we see that NBA teams will have to compete with the World to keep their best players. This situation is only fair, because the flow of talent has been only one way, to the NBA. Now, its about to become a two way street.

  • kPoAbUe

    Either Stern cuts the salary cap or make a european division becuz if kobe and lebron and others go we screwed.

  • sam

    i thought the guy that was holding the flag was kevin (you know who), but then agian, hes a commie

  • Whatsa

    Announcer: Carmelo Anthony… with his MODIFIED DREADS.





    They’re cornrolls, dawg. LOL.


  • MILO

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    yes! i myself did not hear the major roar of the crowd like people are claiming! is this the right video???

  • Lakezilla

    Time Magazine said Lebron was the #1 player to watch at the Olympics and had him on the cover….lol. Lebron’s ego got checked when he sees the reaction Kobe is getting over there. Kobe is by far the most popular athlete in the world and his jersey has been #1 in China for a long time. Its time the nba either rasies or eliminates the salary cap because they’re going to start losing big name players soon. If Kobe leaves, Laker fans everywhere will be crushed so I hope he remembers the support he got during the Colorado incident.

    BTW, Jenny Finch is smokin hot. I’ve heard her name before but last night was the first time I actually saw her. Major eye candy to say the least.


    This is how Kobe will feel 1st game of the season,especially if Stern is at the game….

  • lyk13

    Thanks for the video link to the part where he gets the cheers, way better than the one shown while they walk out…:D