Kobe defines the word warrior.

Twitter: Regarding Kobe’s left ankle, him doing some warmup stuff on practice court with teammates indicates a basic non-issue.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    kobes always ready.i hope the team is inspired by that,as they should be..lets take care of boston an start getting ready to come home..go lakers!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://57.amklac HE`S HURT AGAIN?

    LUCKILY its not his shooting ankle,or his passing ankle.So he`s feeling good playing philly and indy,now that BOSTON is next HE`S HURT AGAIN?built in excuse for shooting 30%and failure…EVERYONE ON THE CELTICS IS DINGED UP…..MAN-UP GAYWAD.

    • boston_sucdics

      He’s been hurt and playing thru the nagging injuries for most the season. Some have subsided, some have lingered. Who said he was “feeling good”… Check your info sucdic fan. Talk all the crap you want, we will see who come to play in a few hours…

    • lakers2000

      Where is this bitch now? Funny how they vanish when they get OWNED!!!!!! Put that in your wheel chair and smoke it.