Yahoo! Sports: Privately, Bryant is still livid that the Lakers wouldn’t give up Andrew Bynum for Kidd at the trade deadline last season. It doesn’t make it easier that Kidd desperately wanted to play with the Lakers, and was deeply disappointed when the trade fell apart. In the time they’ve spent together in Vegas, Kobe said that Kidd has, “taught me a lot about reading the floor, about what he’s looking at on the court.”

What’s more, Kidd knows: Vince Carter is no Kobe.

“This is something that I will always remember,” Kidd told me Saturday. “This is something that could’ve been. We could be talking (with each other) about, ‘what are you going to do? Are you going to work out? I’ll see you back in LA.’

“But unfortunately it didn’t happen.”

As badly as Bryant, Kidd wanted it too. Still, he has peace of mind returning to a Nets team that could contend in the Eastern Conference. Bryant’s volatile early summer of trade demands and attacks on the Lakers organization has been tempered with this Team USA run. He’s had the time of his basketball life here. He’s been on his best behavior, trying to undo the damage he had done to his name.

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  • k0be da 1 andonly


  • rompx

    this is gonna happen when kidd is a free agent in 1 year wait he can opt out lol well noithing is gonna happen

  • Faith

    Kobe did the impossible!

    He got Lebronze a gold! haha, jk.

  • lakerkid

    [quote comment=”13063″]Kobe did the impossible!

    He got Lebronze a gold! haha, jk.[/quote]
    lol thats funny

  • nyla

    Why do I do this to myself? lol I read articles like this and it makes me beyond furious at the Buss’! Mitch is a moron, but he’s just Jim’s toy.

  • 123kid

    now its back to reality! its like kobe went on a vacation and then now hez realizing he has to go home and head back to work and now he has to carry the team on his back again!

  • Lakers724

    Man, I’m just tired, tired of this incompetence in the front office and mostly, the Buss idiots (Jerry & Jim Buss)! Also Mitch Kupchak for just letting the Buss idiots take control of all of the moves that’re all pretty much influenced by Jerry Buss, then made by Mitch! I mean, the best trade I still belive is available, is the Bynum (and fillers) for Kidd!

  • ab4sure

    Well as the Rolling Stones song goes……..YOu can’t always get what you want…but if you try some time you might find….you get what you need…I think many will be surprised that the lakers have a quality team….I think Kobe will be surprised too…just hope he plays defense this year like he has during the summmer…and I don’t want to hear he has to spend energy on the offensive end of the court..any coach knows that if your going to rest on the court do it on the offensive end.

  • ab4sure

    Kidd is still under contract for two more years with the nets

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