It looks like Kobe had some suggestion for ‘Melo. Remember there was once a time where Kobe wanted out of L.A. too. I’m glad he’s reaching out to Melo.

Yahoo: “We’ll see if he signs a reasonable extension and if he’s 100 percent happy that it’s where he wants to go,” Bryant told Yahoo! Sports Saturday. “If not, don’t make a move just to get out of the situation. …Make sure it’s a move that you’re very happy in and you’re comfortable with. “I’m closer to him than anyone else from my Olympic team. My advice is to do what he feels is right for him and his family. It starts there. He has to be happy with the situation that he is in because if your heart isn’t where it should be, it could have a half-ass effect. You don’t want that. You can’t please everybody. You just have to do what’s right for you.”

  • Lakerfan

    good advice by kobe…

    Lebron to ‘Melo: “go away from the nuggets and go to a team with a few superstars already. that way it could be easier to win a championship. and don’t worry about denver. or their fans. or their organization. or their city.”

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    its great to see that 8th grade education giving money advice….funny on many levels..

    • finance101

      lol u mad

      kb has more money than you, so he must be doing something right.

      lol u mad

      -your finance professor

    • laffs atu sissy girl

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a dull girl!

  • real_dawg

    yo chris manning i’m trying to login to the shoutbox but a small window just pops up and says “the name dawg is protected please enter your password” and it still wouldn’t let me sign in.

  • Freshh

    He’s basically saying; “Youre’ leaving to the Nets to have Farmar be your PG instead of Chauncey!”

  • JD

    Very asbolutely true.

  • LaKeR bOy

    The good advice is that melo shuld roll with King Kobe!

  • Robert.

    Melo’s ‘best possible place’ is NYK. He should play w/Amar’e, and wait 2 years for one other piece (Chris Paul?) or 1 year (Tony Paker) to join them. Then, they will be a ‘formidable’ opponent for Miami. But both NYK & Miami will still have trouble getting past the Lakers.
    However, his 2nd best place is NYN (soon to be formerly NJN). He has the best chance of landing a deal there right now. Otherwise, as per Kobe’s advice, he should wait until the end of the year, and head to NYK. Every other place will suck. Chicago is a distant 3rd, since they would lose their center (Melo has ‘no’ D, and so they would need another player with inside D presence, but Denver wants Noah in exchange, so that won’t happen).
    Then again, if he came to the Clips, that would be a ‘killer’ team (but, a ‘West’ team, and no way Melo will play in the “House of Kobe”).

  • Robert.

    Or, as Laker Boy correctly states, his ‘really best’ choice is to roll with Kobe.
    Here’s how I think it could or should play out. If ‘for some screwy reason’, Miami dominates, then if Melo is a free agent at the end of the year, chances are 100% that the Lakers will move around their roster, and sign him.
    So, what Kobe ‘could be telling him’ is: “Melo, don’t accept a trade now – wait until the end of the year. If we (Lakers) win it all, sign with Knicks, but if Miami gives us too much trouble, then you’re welcome here”.

  • richard

    The net is better than nuggets, they offer the max extension just denver can, problem with denver they might be losing too many player after this season is over not just melo. Nets is only getting better not worse. but if he serious about going further he should consider rockets, excellent coach make non star player play like all star.

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    Aran Thangaratnam
    Aran Thangaratnam

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