It’s a start…

O.C. Register: “(Bryant) brought up a notion of determination,” Jackson said.

Bryant declined to get into the specifics of what he said — noting the words were meant for his teammates to hear — but was brusque when asked how his teammates received his words: “I don’t give a (crap).”

Bryant had told reporters Friday night: “You have those periods during the season where you are kind of stagnant. The important thing is that when you hit those stretches, you don’t go backwards. You just kind of weather the storm, and you come out of it as a better ballclub.”

Jackson was also wary of saying much about Bryant’s words to the team but suggested Bryant’s point was that there is a “willfulness” that is necessary to be a great team that plays great defense.

I asked Jackson if he was glad Bryant spoke up, and Jackson said: “He wasn’t the only one.”

In fact, Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol stayed on the court long after all their teammates had wandered off, talking through more positional theories about defense with assistant coach Frank Hamblen. Josh Powell, one of the team’s connectors despite not playing much, also had more to talk through with Bryant and later with Fisher. Orlando runs a lot of pick-and-roll plays, this season leaning heavily on one with Dwight Howard and Vince Carter and increasingly using Carter with point guard Jameer Nelson lately.

Jackson described the team Saturday as “somber” and gave players “a personal day” on the court to do as they wished or opt for rest.

“They’re frustrated,” Jackson said.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Get up in that ass, Kobe! GET-UP-IN-THAT-MON-KEY-ASS!

  • bc18

    why doesnt he show determination? its easy to show determination on offense; they need it on the defensive side. he needs to play defense at all times, NO BREAKS! its okay to take breaks on offense, but not DEFENSE! i hate kobe sometimes, such a hypocrite…

    • daboss1848

      Dammit- keep that crap to yourself!!! It’s not Kobe, it’s every1 else!!!

      • LC09

        hahaha old skool stop it lol.. its da whole team

  • yash

    he shouldnt blame it on the team
    he should blame it on the alcohol

  • http://57.amklac REALITY

    BC18,you must be new around here….your take is spot on and way to honest for these homers….good luck.

  • Varick Hudson

    This fear took over me when I realized that Coach Rambus would no longer be a L. A. Lakers Coach. I remember reading Coach Jacksons words that the responsibilities of the defensive coaching would be every coaches responsibility since coach Rambus left. I felt then because of such statements that the team would be lacking in it’s ability to play defense. Except for the recent stellar defensive play of Ron Artest, absolutely no one even Kobe (whom I will give some leeway to because of his many injuries) consistently will play defense, and I mean no one. Their problem is lack of defense. It seams as though no one coaches them on defensive schemes at all. With the spate of the last few games, and several of the games that were lost, you see all types of shooters being unguarded from 3 point shooters, to guards driving to the basket, to little 14 to 15 foot jumpers being made by players unguarded. They look nothing like a defending championship team in almost every recent game they have lost and even some of the close ones that were won by last second shots from Kobe. I got to admit I am very very worried about the teams play and their psyche and the lack of defense at this point and this late in the season.

  • Robert

    Determination? Didn’t they have some determination when Kobe was sidelined? What happened with that? They’re playing like deflated balloons.
    Here’s my solution (one or the other):
    1) Let Kobe score 60+ points per game, or
    2) Have Kobe deliver 12+ assists per game
    Kobe is the greatest player in the world, and the Lakers as a team have the most talent in the league. They are NOT working in tandem. Somebody (Phil?) needs to figure out how to integrate both aspects – and SOON. When Kobe scores 40 points, it isn’t enough for a team win. That’s why he needs to score 60 a game. I should have mentioned the shooting percentage: it has to be at least 46%. At the beginning of the year, it was 48% before injuries. Then there are more shots for the rest of the team. If it dips below 45%, then there are not enough shots for the team to work through their poor shooting.
    Also, Phil appeared to let the Triangle take a leave of absence during Kobe’s absence – there were a lot more fast breaks, instead of ‘set-up in 1/2 court’. The 1/2 court thing makes them look like the Spurs (the old Spurs that would win Championships) … but … BORING. We need more fast breaks. Produces more turnovers on the other team.
    Maybe they should all borrow some ‘starburst’ or snickers from LO. Pile up on the candy during the game – play with that sugar high, until the end of the game. Sugar is a legal performance enhancer, when I last checked. Then when they have the ‘sugar-drop’ after the game, they can go get the tacos they earned from keeping the other team below 100 points.

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