Kobe has no doubt been in a slump, it’s evident his finger is affecting him as of late.

Lakers BasketBlog: Kobe Bryant made just 1-of-14 shots in the first half and 4-of-21 for the game in L.A.’s 95-77 win over Milwaukee, struggling to hit from the field for the fourth consecutive contest (33 percent combined).

The difference in that first half was that Bryant was attempting to play without a splint on his right index finger, on which he suffered an avulsion fracture earlier in the season that he said he aggravated against Sacramento (he also appeared to take a swipe to the finger against Houston on Tuesday evening).

Bryant explained after the contest that playing without the splint afforded him increased range of motion, but made his finger to weak to support his shooting stroke.

“It’s just not strong enough,” he said of the finger, which will of course not keep him out of any game action.

Phil Jackson blamed Bryant’s finger almost exclusively for his shooting struggles:

He has been fiddling around with his “prosthetic” for his broken finger. He went from hard to semi-hard protective plate that was in there and made from lead that was conformed to nothing at all now. It is noticeable in his shooting and he knows it so I think he is going to go back to what worked before.

In short, the splint will go back on until Bryant feels strong enough to shoot without it.

  • muslim mamba

    i hope he can get over it and fight through it and help us win and become the lethal shooter he is and always has been

  • muslim mamba

    they didnt think of the splint two games ago geez that makes me mad

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    The finger seems “brittle” if you may, when he takes off the splint and tries to shoot. Its not strong enough to handle the ball and since thats the main finger he uses to shoot, he has to adjust to something completely different, and as proven in the last 3 games, its not working for him. The splint takes up alot of space on the ball and that can throw off the balance of the ball.
    Three important games coming up in the month with Orlando Magic next week, AT Cleveland Cavaliers in that same week and at the end of the month AT Boston Celtics.
    We need Pau 100%, Kobe% (that is the most important), Ron Ron 100% (dont believe him when he says he is 100%, he is still affected by the concussion, minor dizziness when he hits his head on something and…. plantar fasciitis on his right foot).
    Lamar and Bynum have been playing fantastic basketball and so have Shannon and Farmar, as long as they step up in moments like this, then that should buy some time for the team to heal up.


    Glad to know that. They should be testing out everything during the season and be prepared for the playoffs.
    I don’t care about best record or mvp (even losing to boston or lebron) as long as they got the ring. But of course they have to take note about HCA.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    maybe he could PASS the f ing basketball, try sometime new???

  • http://TheLakersNation gtfo

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    • gugy

      That’s freaking funny.

      Good for you but I rather ignore these fu-ckers that come to TLN.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Come on now, why is there so much hate? People gotta learn to control themselves. Haters gotta get out of here and people gotta calm down and control themselves. In this world, sport is for entertainment. We gotta remember that we are all brothers and sisters sent by God. I know m getting religious here but my point is, hate escalates violence and thats the last thing we want, especially with alot of it in the middle east (which is where I was born but moved out when I was too, so now I live in Australia).
    Laker fans, Laker haters, face it, outside that door, you all come together for occasions like 4th of July, New Years, occasions like those where you aren’t so different but you are all one, celebrating the same thing as a nation and as a world.
    Wow. First time I wrote something like this but hey, I’ve got a point.
    Back to Laker talk :)

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Spelling mistake, (which is where I was born but moved out when I was two, so now I live in Australia)

    two not too.

  • daboss1848

    perhaps its time to (temporarily) change the pecking order . . .

    • showtimelakes

      Well said!

  • Ronin99

    The team should rest him when playing against the weaker teams.

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    my mouth is dry….from sucking kobes penis so much!!!

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    can we stop the hate and just swallow whatever spews out of the mamba…..my finger hurts but i`m still shooting more than ever!!!but i`m hurt, i won`t pass the ball because my teammates can`t be trusted…

  • http://iamanidiot.com Marwan The Tard

    …..i apolojizz…i failed to see the mamba is making adjustments and shooting his way out of a slump like he always had…i also failed to see that his title is shooting guard and that his teammates trust him to shoot and pass when its the best option…im a dumba$$