Coach George Karl is now saying Kleiza may not play in game 3 at all.

Update: Nuggets coach George Karl said there’s a chance Kleiza, who took a nasty fall in Wednesday’s Game 2 against the Lakers and suffered a hyperextended right elbow, might not be able to play in today’s 3:30 p.m. game at the Pepsi Center.

“It was on film, and it was kind of ugly,” Karl said of Kleiza, who didn’t practice the past two days. “It’s very sore right now. I would think that there’s a possibility he won’t play. I think it’s a small chance because I know L.K.”

  • west213

    its all right ull be fine.

    get well….

  • Los Angels Lakers Blog

    He’ll live. Either way, his presence obviously didn’t change the result of the 2nd game… perhaps the crowd will make a difference, however somewhat unlikely.



  • Anonymous.

    Kleiza looks a lot like Kevin Love.

  • Sako

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    I was thinking the same thing.