HOOPSWORLD.COM: With recent word that Andrei Kirilenko of the Utah Jazz has requested a trade, naturally fans of the Los Angeles Lakers want to know what their chances are in acquiring the EuroBasket MVP.

Unfortunately they’re not very good at all.

Assuming for a moment that the Lakers would be interested in Kirilenko’s $63 million dollar, four-year contract . . . there’s the issue of how exactly do they entice Utah to make such a deal?

Just because Kirilenko wants to leave doesn’t mean the Jazz are any more willing to trade him away than the Lakers are willing to trade Kobe Bryant.

Obviously Kirilenko’s price tag is a lot cheaper than Bryant’s but the Jazz recently discussed a trade with the Phoenix Suns for Shawn Marion. That’s the level of talent Utah is looking for in return.

Now there’s a good chance the Suns don’t want to take on that massive contract and the Jazz may find a very short list of teams willing to do so as well.

Still . . . they own all the leverage. Kirilenko has no contract opt out. He only stands to earn a significant suspension if his doesn’t show up for work.

Playing injured and sporting a questionable attitude won’t get him very far, remember how patient the Jazz were with Carlos Boozer?

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